What The Cardinals Are Saying About The Ravens


Head Coach Bruce Arians

(on the high level of play from WR Steve Smith Sr. and WR Larry Fitzgerald, and any similarities between the two)"[Their recent success] tells me [they have] a great passion, great passion for the game. I love the way both guys play. They're the ultimate pros and the ultimate warriors."* *

(on the challenges of facing a team, like Baltimore, in need of a win)"Yes, it's amazing to me, because they've been in every single game, and having a history against them, they have won most of those games in the last few years. And, like ourselves, we've come up short on a couple that we thought we should have won. I'm sure they felt like they should have won every game, and when you have Joe [Flacco] back there at quarterback, you're never out of it."* *

(on facing good Baltimore defenses in the past, and how it differs this year)"I think some of the big names are gone, but they train these guys on how to do it. There weren't any better than Ray [Lewis] and Ed Reed, as far as film preparation and teaching guys how to bond together and play defense. It's just a play or two here or there that have cost them, and I think they're an outstanding defensive football team. Their secondary has given up a couple of chunk plays, but they've also got 18 or 19 sacks; they get after you like they always have."* *

QB Carson Palmer

(on his past success against the Ravens and how it relates to the upcoming game)"I don't put any stock in what I've done in the past against them. It's a completely different team and different coaches and different players all over the place and just different circumstances. So, I really don't go back and think much about past and previous games against that defense."* *

(on if it feels different preparing for a struggling Ravens defense, given his experience against Baltimore)"No, because regardless of who's over there, it's always a very physical game. Anytime you play against a team in the AFC North, they're always physical. They heavily emphasis stopping the run, they heavily emphasis red zone defense. Whatever struggles they may have had in the past or this season, you've got to be ready to play your best football to beat them. Because they are big, physical, fast guys, playmakers on the back end and just [have] that tough mentality that they're going to come in with, especially playing in a nationally-televised game and having a chance to play on Monday Night Football. [To] get back on the winning track is of the utmost importance to them right now, and we know that."* *

(on if there are unique challenges when preparing for a team, like Baltimore, that needs a win)"No doubt, because it's a much better team than their record says. You go back – and I had a chance to watch all their games over the last two days – and they've just had some heartbreakers. … They just haven't found a way [to win] at the end of the game, but this is a very capable team. This is a much better team than what their record says, and we're all very aware of that. It has been preached to us, we all believe it [and] we watched it on film; this is a good group, a good unit. It's a very capable offense that we have to stop defensively. So, there's no doubt, this is a tough game to prepare for, and you know you're going to get their best shot because it's Monday night."* *

WR Larry Fitzgerald

(on the Ravens defense)
"Well they still have a very talented group. Will Hill is playing lights out for those guys, Elvis Dumervil can rush the passer, their secondary is really explosive, they have the [second-place] Defensive Rookie of the Year [C.J. Mosley] playing linebacker. Those guys can still play. They may not have Ray Lewis or Ed Reed back there, but all you've got to do is turn on that Thursday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers a couple weeks ago and that just tells you everything you need to know about how gritty and tough this team is. It's coached by a phenomenal coach in Coach [John] Harbaugh and it trickles down. Joe Flacco is tough as nails, stands in there, takes shots all day and delivers them. Those kinds of teams always play well, always play strong. We know what kind of fight we're going to be in for on Monday."* *

CB Patrick Peterson

(on Steve Smith Sr.)
"It's going to be a real pleasure to go up against Steve Smith. He said it's his last hoorah. Me and Steve have been going against each other since he was with Carolina. I went against him twice when he was with Carolina. He's a very, very fierce competitor. I can't wait to see some of his new antics and the emotion that he has after each and every catch, no matter if it's a negative play. Or if he feels like you said something to him the previous play, he's going to always try to get his get back. That's what I love going against Steve Smith is that no matter what, he's going to get your best out of you."* *

(on how Smith has lasted so long)
"You can go back on his track record on how tough he is, mentally and physically. I always tell guys all the time that when you have a receiver that is reckless and don't mind the contact, most defenses fear those type of guys because most receivers are known not to block and do the dirty work. He's one of the guys that does it. No question, I believe that puts fear in opposing defenses because now you have to watch out for the crack [back block], you have to keep your head on a swivel when 89 is lined up as a receiver. He's a fierce competitor and he loves contact. So you have to keep your eyes on him."* *

S Tyrann Mathieu

(on Smith and whether he reminds him of himself as a smaller player)
"He's a tough matchup for anybody. Most receivers in this league don't like to get dirty. He's one of those guys that will get dirty. As a secondary, we definitely have to keep our head on a swivel because he's a guy that plays every down and plays it at full speed."* *

TE Jermaine Gresham (a former Bengal)

(on what he thinks of Baltimore)
"Smash-mouth football. Very physical. That sums it up."* *

(on if this version of the Ravens is still physical)
"Yeah. That's Harbaugh's [modus operandi]. Every time you get a chance to play them, you know it's going to be physical."

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