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What The Chargers Said After Ravens' Win


Head Coach Mike McCoy

(opening statement)
"Obviously a tough loss, unfortunately, we didn't make enough plays at a critical time to get over that hump within one time where you can pull away or separate to get to two scores or a big stop somewhere in there. I give our players a ton of credit for the effort. The way certain players stepped up for four quarters with a number of guys going down throughout the game. I had a number of guys that came up and made plays for us and that's what it's about. I wouldn't expect anything less from the players either; a tough one to take."

(on the Chargers' injuries)
"I give the coaches credit for making the adjustments they did. I think 12 guys at some point came out. It was just one thing after another, so you just have to keep on adjusting. With special teams, all the substitutions you have to do and then changing people around, we did the best we could there. I've never been in anything like it with that many guys going down in the game."

(on the team's capability to win)
"We had an opportunity to do it and we didn't get it done. Give them credit, they're in a very similar position as us and it's another one of those games that comes to the bitter end. That's what you talk about in this league, the parity and the competition is so good and the balance of teams. Give both teams credit for fighting their tails off until the bitter end and they made one more play in the end than* *we did. So they won the football game and we didn't."

(on Steve Smith Sr.'s injury)
"It's unfortunate. I don't know exactly what his injury was, but I wish him all the best. He's a special person."

QB Philip Rivers

(on the game)
"Our last four games have been very tough. I don't have a lot to say tonight because I don't have a lot of answers. We made plays,* *and the Ravens answered. The only thing we can do is keep playing."

(on their injuries)
"The injuries are crazy. I've never seen anything like it, but every team in the league has injuries. Every team in the league has penalties. You can't blame them for a loss. I thought our offense was pretty efficient today. We didn't turn the ball over, and I think we only punted twice. I think your problems get over-magnified when you lose. For instance, if we converted that third down late in the game, the Ravens may never have gotten the ball back."

(on playing the Ravens)
"After the game, I said to [QB] Joe [Flacco], 'It's been a crazy year for both of us.' That's not a 2-6 team over there. I know the Ravens can say the same things we're saying about penalties and injuries. Every team in the NFL can probably say that. There's just no easy solution."

(on facing the Ravens without OLB Terrell Suggs)
"This is still a very good defense, built on the same principles they've used. They may not have Suggs, but [Elvis] Dumervil requires a lot of attention. We needed to use our running backs to help out with him all game."

WR Malcom Floyd

(on his 70-yard touchdown catch)
"That was a cover zero. The whole middle of the field was open. It was a happy moment for me, but I'd trade it for a win any day. For me, a loss offsets any personal achievements."

CB Brandon Flowers

(on the Smith injury)
"It was hard to see, because I respect Steve so much. What he means to this league and the fire he plays with, you don't want to see a guy like that go down for the season at all. That's tough. That's why the whole defense huddled around him, because we have so much respect for what he's put into the game."

(on Flacco)
"He bought time and made some great throws out of the pocket. Flacco's a cool guy. You don't see him rattled. I don't pay attention to what kind of season he's had to know what type of player he is. He made some clutch throws today, so I can tell you that."

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