What the Chargers Said After the Ravens' Big Win

Head Coach Anthony Lynn

(opening statement): "We got out-coached today, and we got out-played. By some miracle, we still had a chance to win that game. Our defense got us the ball back, we returned the punt on the other side of the 50 and then we turned the ball over at the end. Penalties came at untimely times. They played their game. We couldn't get them off the field on defense, and we couldn't stay on the field on offense. I thought special teams played pretty solid this evening. Our offense and defense — we got out-played, and we got out-coached. It's just that simple. It's a good football team. They came in here, and they beat us."

(on if they expected problems with pass protection): "Not at all. I haven't all season. We're going to look at our protection and see what happened there. They got after us pretty good up front."

(on if Baltimore did anything surprising): "No. Not at all. They don't do a whole lot. It's pretty simple. They'll run the ball 40, 50 times a game — run-action every now and then, and they'll try to keep the offense on the field. They want to control the clock. They did exactly that. We did not help ourselves with some of those stupid penalties that we had this afternoon."

(on if momentum changed after the Ravens' long passing touchdown): "We knew they would push back. We knew the game wasn't over when we took the lead. They scored quick. They normally take their time getting down the field, but they scored in three or four plays. We still had plenty of opportunities to come back and regain the lead."

(on how difficult it is to incorporate plays when you don't have control of the ball very long): "You don't get to run all your plays, for sure. It throws you out of rhythm a little bit, but that's their style, and we knew that coming in. We were ready for that. So, I thought."

(on struggling against the run): "I think they were averaging five yards a carry. Anytime you play 11-on-11 and their quarterback's a runner, it's going to be a little harder. We have to play disciplined, fundamental football. We have to win our one-on-ones, get those blocks and make tackles. It's really that simple, and we didn't do that today."

(on QB Philip Rivers): "He was under a lot of stress. Like I said, I have to watch the tape and see what happened and see why there was so much pressure. It wasn't just one guy. I think they were taking turns. He was under a lot of stress today."

QB Philip Rivers

(on if he anticipated that many problems with pass protection): "We got off to a terrible start, turning the ball over the first play. Third down conversions called back early that we couldn't overcome. We got ourselves in third-and-super long a lot. It's a good defense and they just out-played us today. They out-played us. We couldn't sustain that many drives early in the game. Therefore, the time of possession in the first half was way lopsided due to us keeping our defense out there. We couldn't sustain any drives. It's a good defense and they played us today. Depending on what happens, we may get another crack at them in two weeks."

(on how frustrating the penalties were): "It is frustrating. It's part of it. You don't want to always point to that, but that was part of it. [We were] not executing as well as we can and need to, and turning over on the first play thrown. We turned it over three times. The last one, I'm trying to keep the game alive, trying to get [WR] Travis [Benjamin] a chance back there, so that one — not so much hurts us as bad, in a sense. I just give them credit. They did a heck of a job."

(on the pressure from the Baltimore defense): "It was huge. I give them credit. They did some good things up front, they did some good things in the secondary. We did alright at times, we just couldn't sustain anything for the most part. Our only touchdown was on a short field off a great play from our defense. We just couldn't get going. That's why I said, credit to them."

(on if he thought they would win the game with three minutes left in the game): "Oh yeah. I thought so the whole game. I just said, 'Hey, we're going to find a way to win this game. We'll figure out something.' We didn't settle to win it. We started off with a pretty good run, we get backed up with a penalty there, then we had [TE Antonio] Gates, too. We didn't come through. There will be no lost confidence with this group. There's only one thing that's crossed off, one more game to add to the slate to win the whole thing. That's all that we know. I know it's disappointing but we can't wallow in our disappointment very long."

(on Ravens S Eric Weddle): "I mean it's just what I knew, heck of a player. Obviously, the quarterback [of the defense] stepped back in and he did a nice job with disguises and things. Just to keep them off the straight things that weren't as clear, which we're seeing on tape all week, like I've seen many times. Sometimes I knew what he was going to do, other times I didn't. That's what you have to do, you have to have the snap, that's playing the position. He and all of those guys have always done a heck of a job. When the first ball was already thrown, I thought [CB Brandon] Carr made a heck of a play. It was a heck of a play on the last one obviously. Obviously, it [the interception] is a big deal, throwing that ball isn't necessarily a bad choice. Those guys did a nice job. The big conversions we had that we got canceled out with all of those, those obviously hurt early in the game."

RB Melvin Gordon III

(on the Baltimore defense): "It's pretty good. There's a reason why they're the No. 1 defense in the NFL. They played us well today. They're the better team for sure."

(on Baltimore's defensive pressure up the middle): "We just have to do better. We knew what they were doing. They just dominated us the whole game. We game planned for them. We knew exactly what they were going to do, they were just applying pressure."

(on if the team let the game slip away): "We did. We killed ourselves today with the penalties. I think we were making the plays, just didn't have the opportunities."

(on the possibility of playing Baltimore in the playoffs): "If we do then we do. We'll see them in a couple of weeks. Can't run from it, we made our road. It's going to be a little bit tougher now, but it is what it is. We just have to come out and play."

CB Casey Hayward Jr.

(on the mentality coming into second half): "We came out trying to stop the run and limit them from big plays. On defense in the second half, we gave it up on one big pass, but I think after that settled in. We played pretty well."

(on the Baltimore offense): "I think their offensive style was different, but we did a good job of holding their running game and limiting the passes. We have to do a better job of trying to get more turnovers and help our offense out." 

S Derwin James

(on the touchdown by Ravens TE Mark Andrews): "They made a good play across the middle. It was a good throw by [Ravens QB] Lamar [Jackson] and I think the tight end [Andrews] did a great job of finishing the play. I mean, yards after catch — I feel like he did a good job finishing."

(on Ravens QB Lamar Jackson): "Great player. I've been saying all week, I know what type of player he is. He's a great a player. Everybody saw it today. He did enough to get the win."

C Mike Pouncey

(on QB Philip Rivers getting frustrated): "Philip is a competitor. Today we didn't play well as a family. Defense outplayed us on a few plays, but we still have a lot to look forward to. We are going to come back in, work Monday and get restarted."

(on Baltimore Ravens defensive performance): "They blitz a lot — they have the No. 1 defense in the NFL and play well together. They've been in this scheme for a long time. We have to figure it out fast before we hit playoffs."

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