What The Chiefs Are Saying About The Ravens


Head Coach Andy Reid

(opening statement)
"I look forward to the challenge of playing the Ravens. It's easy when you turn on the film to see that they're not exactly what their record shows. They've had a few injuries, but the guys that are in there are playing their hearts out. I know firsthand that they're very well coached."

(on Head Coach John Harbaugh's body of work in Baltimore)
"I think he has done a phenomenal job. He's a great football coach, and he can coach any position on the field, which is unique. And he comes from that kind of a family. Those brothers are phenomenal coaches; dad was a Hall of Fame coach. So, that's what he is. He's all in."

(on if he has felt sympathy for the Ravens this season, given his relationship with Harbaugh)
"Listen, he is still coaching his tail off, and he has still got young players there that he's developing right now. So, I think he's doing a heck of a job. Sometimes you're dealt a hand where you get injured at key positions, and that has happened. The things that he has done with those guys that he has got there, I think is something special. He's doing a heck of a job."

(on his advice to Harbaugh on a season that does not go well)
"He doesn't need any of my advice. (laughter) He has done a great job, so I just have a lot of respect for John. I did when he worked with me, and I feel the same way now."


(on what former Raven OL Jah Reid has been able to add)**
"Jah [Reid] has been a good pickup for us, just from the stand point of we got banged up up front there, and so he was thrown in, kind of, in the action his first week here against the Texans. … He works hard. He has been well-coached. There are not a lot of line coaches as good as Juan Castillo. So, we were able to get a guy that had been well-coached and wanted an opportunity. He kind of got thrown into the fire right away, but he has done a good job."

QB Alex Smith

(on the Ravens also starting 1-5, yet not being able turn the season around)
"Everyone, I think, outside looking in, is surprised by what's going on there [in Baltimore], as far as records go. But you turn on the tape, and obviously [they have] a bunch of injuries but still [have] a lot of guys playing at a high level and playing hard. And it shows on tape, kind of the whole group I think, especially on the defensive side of the ball. They run around, they try to set the tempo on you and [it's] a good group."

(on the Ravens secondary)
"I see a veteran group, a group that has played a lot of football. They know what they're doing. They play fast. [They are] well-coached, and I think that definitely jumps out. They're rarely out of position, they're rarely confused, they communicate well, and they know what they're doing. They're on the same page, and they fly around."

(on if Baltimore moving younger players into the secondary is an opportunity for the Chiefs)
"It's hard to pay too much attention to any of that. I'm getting ready for the guys that are on tape that have been playing. You can't get ready for what you don't know, and there's no point for me to worry about it at this point. If it happens, it happens, but certainly, I'm getting ready for the guys that are there on tape."

OT Jah Reid

(on what it's like being on the 7-game winning streak with the Chiefs)
"Winning is a lot of fun. It's great. It's an awesome experience to be here and be on this streak. I couldn't ask for anything more."

DT Jaye Howard

(if there's anything the Ravens could surprise them with)
"I think we've been through it all. We had our back against the wall twice against Chicago and San Diego. So I think we're prepared for everything."

(on what is working for the defense in late-game situations)
"We're just gelling as a group. We go out there every day and work hard and it's paying off in the games."

(on what he sees from Baltimore)
"They're a pretty good group up front. They have a good running back. We just have to be prepared to play the run. They're going to run the ball, so we have to be sharp on that."

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