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What The Chiefs Said After Blowout Win


Head Coach Andy Reid

(opening statement)"I'm proud of our team and the way they handled themselves today. Everybody contributed. All three phases were important phases today. Offense started it off and the defense, with the three turnovers finished it, which was important. We had a nice 14-play drive in the fourth quarter. Offensively, it was important as far as taking some of the time off the clock, a couple of touchdowns on turnovers.

"I'm very proud of John Harbaugh. This isn't the easiest victory that I've been involved with. He's been dealt some heavy cards here with injuries. Sometimes you do your finest coaching job when that takes place, for whatever crazy reason. He's been unbelievable. He and his staff have been unbelievable. They are shallow in a lot of spots; and the guys who have stepped up and played hard and nobody is giving up. I know from the other side what they presented us and they kept us on our toes. So my hat's off to him and his staff for what they've done. There are better days ahead when everybody gets back."

(on capitalizing on the Ravens' mistakes)
"It's a unique team that way. My hat's off to our guys. They've taken advantage of opportunity and they've done that really all year. They've taken advantage of opportunities that are presented to them.

"I think they feel opportunity, so their focus there is just tremendous when those things happen. I'd like to tell you that we've gone over every situation somewhere probably in camp, which we did, but I would just say the attitude there, the guys understand it, they do it, that's the main thing. You and I can talk about it all we want, but they do it."

(on the Hail Mary pass at the end of the half)"We brought five and we were an inch close on eliminating that thing. We work on it every week and we have to go back and work our box-outs. That No. 11 [Kamar Aiken] by the way is a heck of a player. I saw him after the game and told him that. That kid, that guy, man, he's a good player. Not just on that play, but just in general a good football player."

(on the Chiefs' eight-game winning streak after such a tough start)
"We just put our heads down. We try to do that every week and put our head down and go to work. I kept mentioning it to the guys who are our writers, I like the football team, I like the makeup, even during that time. We have some character guys. It's just winning or losing in this league is a small margin between it. I felt like we were close, but you have to do it. The guys rally, it's a good locker room."

QB Alex Smith

(on the Ravens defense)
"They broke character today and did things that we hadn't seen on film. I'm not sure why. I know they've got a lot of young players that are new. They gave us a bunch of unscouted looks, but we were fortunate to make good adjustments."

(on the Chiefs' eight-game winning streak after starting the season 1-5)
"There's a lot of talent in the NFL, and every team has talent. There's a lot of parody. But, what sets this team apart is that we have a lot of character. We have great focus and we play hard together. That's sometimes the difference in this league. On this winning streak, it has seemed like the defense salivates, so to speak. They see a mistake and they jump all over it."

S Daniel Sorensen

(on the fake punt)
"We were on the lookout for some strange things today, but I was really surprised that they tried a fake punt in that situation. On the play, I saw the punter take an extra step, and I turned around and met him to make the tackle. I was just about ready to run downfield, but that extra step made me stop."

(on the Ravens special teams)
"The Ravens are great at special teams play. They return punts and kickoffs for touchdowns and block field goals. We were on high alert for any crazy stuff. We didn't want this game to turn on a special teams play made by the Ravens."

TE Travis Kelce

(on the win)
"We had a game plan to come out here and be the physical team that we are. We told our guys upfront, on both the offensive line and defensive line, that it was going to be a physical game. They were going to try to weather the storm. Sure enough, coach made a huge point on special teams, that they were going to come with some type of fake. Everybody was ready for it. It's all on cue for us right now and we just need to keep playing the way we really need to play."

LB Tamba Hali

(on stopping the fake punt)
"That was coach's point. We knew they had a good special teams, so we knew we had to play an all-around game and not just one phase of the game. That would have kept them in the game. But then, playing defense and scoring on defense, as well as scoring on offense, all helped us to get this win."

(on the interceptions)
"[Ravens QB] Jimmy [Clausen] was getting rid of the ball so quick, especially at the times when we felt like [we] could've gotten there. We felt like he was getting rid of the ball and our guys, on the back end, especially [CB Marcus Peters] really helped us, and 'Ty' [Tyvon Branch] getting the fumble and running it back. We just have players who make plays. Some guys don't start, but they're in there, and making plays, and it feels good."

CB Marcus Peters

(on his touchdown dance)
"Playing in Ray Lewis' house – he was here for a long time, and he did a very good job, so that's an honor and a salute to Ray Lewis. I knew if I got a pick I was going to do it regardless, it just helps that it was a pick-six."

(on the play he scored a touchdown)
"I had the tight end, and he bailed. So it always helps when someone's falling, capitalizing on the mistakes. So, I took the ball from him and just scored."

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