What the Chiefs Said After Their Week 3 Victory


Head Coach Andy Reid

On the talent of Lamar Jackson:

"Their two big passing plays are really what makes that quarterback great, he put it up in bad conditions and made plays. He's a heck of a player."

On the Ravens' aggressive approach on fourth down:

"They are third in the NFL on going for it on fourth down. And they have the firepower to do it. You have to be on your toes right there."

QB Patrick Mahomes

On Earl Thomas' statement that he wouldn't give up any big plays:

"Earl is a great player and he has been a great player for a long time, but we're going to play our offense and do it the way we do it and we're going to have opportunities to beat people deep and we're going to execute on those. You can say it during the week, but we're still going to do what we do every single week."

DT Chris Jones

On the explosiveness of Baltimore's offense:

"The quarterback made some big-time plays. Kudos to him. They came out of halftime battling. We, as a defense, have to step up and finish them when we have them. We gave them some huge running plays. (Lamar Jackson) and Mark Ingram, they're a one-two punch."

On the Ravens aggressive approach on fourth down:

"It's like you're playing Madden with those guys. Fourth-and-12, they're going for it. You have to be ready to play four-to-five downs with them. We were fortunate enough to stop some and they were fortunate enough to get some. We expected that coming in. We kind of game-planned it."

On the speed of Lamar Jackson:

"You can never really get a game plan for Lamar Jackson. He is so fast in real life that it's crazy."

"It's not really about slowing him down, it's about taking your angles and making sure that you limit the yardage that he is getting. There isn't any, 'slowing him down.' He came in rushing for what, 150 (yards per game)? There is not going to be any of that, 'slowing that guy down.' Everybody knows that he is going to run. He even has gotten better as a pocket passer. We just try to limit the yardage that he is going to get."

S Tyrann Mathieu

On the Ravens' aggressive approach on fourth down:

"We knew that coming into the game, especially when those guys push closer to the 50 (yard line). Closer into our territory, we know that it is a four-down possession. They have a great quarterback that can easily get five or 10 yards with his legs. We knew that it was going to be that kind of ball game."

DE Frank Clark

On the difficulty of defending Lamar Jackson:

"It is very tough. All the comparisons are to the best running quarterbacks and the best throwing quarterbacks of our time and the past. Lamar Jackson gave us his best shot. He gave us all he could do, and we found a way as a defense."

"I believe one of the keys is forcing him to go in a certain direction. When you force him to go right or you force him to go in a direction, his passer rating goes down when you get him on the run. Also, the negative when you get him on the run is, that guy gets in the open field, he is going to make some guys miss. He is going to get some positive yards. We saw that today. A few times the guys thought they had sacks and he got away. That's all the credit to him. He is a great player. I don't take anything away from his game. He will give another team his best shot and it may go another way. Fortunately, today we had his number."

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