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What The Cowboys Said After Beating Ravens


Owner Jerry Jones

(His thoughts on the win)
"They are a group that has won nine-straight ball games. I've obviously never experienced that with the Cowboys. I got to do that one time in college. That was important to us. This is a rare team. Dak[Prescott] is playing for the team. He played outstanding out there today. We played a really good team. We didn't get the turnovers that you would like to see. That was just a hard fought win. Our last five possessions were really impressive."

(On if the win over the Ravens was the biggest of the year)"I have all the respect in the world for their coach [John Harbaugh]. They wanted to beat this team. They wanted to beat our team at home. We hadn't beaten them since they've been the Ravens. It was all there for them to come here and set us back. That makes it all the more impressive on my part to get that win. They are well coached. They are well managed. [General Manager] Ozzie Newsome is great. That's a top NFL franchise, as well as team, that we beat today. I'm impressed."

Head Coach Jason Garrett

(On whether the wins keep getting sweeter)
"Well, it was a good game. It was a hard-fought game, there's no question about that. This is one of those games that you really have to fight through. I thought our team did a good job of that at different times just battling back. It was going to be a physical football game. We knew that. Over the course of the game, I thought our physicality helped wear them down. The challenge for us now is really put this to bed quickly and get ready for that next one on Thursday."

(On overcoming adversity)
"Yeah, just keep banging away. That's a good defense. I believe it's the No. 1 defense in the National Football League coming in, so we knew what the challenges were going to be. It was not going to be easy to run the football in this game. We had to be persistent with that. Over the course of the game, we continued to wear them down and made some bigger runs as the game wore on. The patience that Scott [Linehan] had, the patience that Dak had just continuing to bang away and execute ball plays. A really important sequence for us in the game when we got behind the chains. It was first-and-10, then first-and-20, then first-and-30. The poise that Dak had to get us back into it, and then he made the big play down the sideline. That was really important for us. And then the* *defense continued to make stops. There were two drives in the game that we didn't like, but for the most part did a good job getting off the field on third down and slowing them down."

(On Ezekiel Elliott being bottled up early)
"He's just a good football player. A big part of it is the mentality that he plays with. He's probably been a guy since he's been about 6 years old playing Pop Warner football that defenses have been trying to stop him. So this isn't new for him. He understands that teams are going to load up and gear up and try to stop the run. His poise and composure, his determination throughout was excellent. As the game wore on, the runs got bigger and bigger. And our guys up front continued to wear them down, the runner wore them down too. Always falling forward makes a big difference in the game."

QB Dak Prescott

(On today's offensive performance)"We knew we would wear them down. They are a physical team. We believe in our physicality and just staying at it, not really blinking or flinching. We don't really focus on the score, just take it one play at a time. We just keep moving forward and know things will break for us."

(On Baltimore's defense)"I've always said it was more on us. They were physical. Give them the credit for that. They worked throughout the whole game. They came out hot and with energy early in the game, and shut our run game down a little bit. But that's what I said we believe in our physicality and we stay at it. We wore them down."

(On team's focus after being shutout in first four possessions)
"It's a team game. When you realize your defense is stepping up and making plays for you, stopping their offense and giving you a chance over and over, you don't really worry about the last drives where you didn't score. You've got the ball and now you've got the chance to go tie it up, and that's what you want to do because the defense is holding their end."

(On the team's long touchdown drives)
"I think I said earlier in the week when they asked me what I would have to do against this defense, and it was be patient. They are going to sit back and make me throw underneath. That shows my patience and the whole offense's patience of taking what they give us, and breaking tackles. That's what the guys did when I threw it underneath. I threw the pass and those guys went and did the rest and got first downs. It's believing in yourself and believing in each other."

(On C.J. Mosley's late hit)"It was a tough hit, he just drove me into the ground. He could have let up but he didn't. It was alright."

RB Ezekiel Elliott

(On thoughts regarding gameplay)
"We're a physical group of guys. We talk about this all the time. We wear guys down. It's a four-quarter game."

(On toughness of the Ravens' run defense)
"It was definitely a big challenge. They were physical and they game planned really well. They always seem to have an extra guy in the front to fill the box. Like I said, we're a physical group of guys and we learn what we need to do to change."

WR Dez Bryant

(On Baltimore "throwing up the X" celebration)
"We don't focus on that. There's not retaliation anywhere. We just focus on us. We just want to play our game and focus on each and every drive." 

TE Jason Witten

(On overcoming adversity and fighting back)
"They are the No. 1 defense in the NFL for a reason. They're really good. We knew it was going to be kind of an old-school smash mouth football game. I'm proud of our team just hanging in there. Just weathering the storm and grinding it out. We were able to hit some big plays."

(On taking big hits and how he feels physically)
"I feel good physically. They got a good hit on me. They play a zone defense, rally to the ball and attack. It's similar to our defense. They cup it and get after it.  They're good. It was all within the rules and just those games you have to catch it and get north and south. There were some big conversions for us to be able to do that when they play a soft zone. I thought Dak did a really good job of throwing the ball where it should go and taking advantage of them when they come out small. He got Dez with the big touchdown. Those are how those games break through. You grind and grind. When you have opportunities to get north and south and get first downs and convert and then big plays will come."

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