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What The Dolphins Said After Their Win


Head Coach Dan Campbell

(opening statement)
"That was a gritty performance by this football team. They hung in there, did a hell of a job. I mean, they fought to the end and they earned that win."

(on running the football 27 times)
"At the end of the day, I felt like we did what we had to do to win against a football team like that. You know, every team, every game that you play has got its own unique set of challenges, and we felt like this was the type of game we needed to be able play. And certainly you'd like to be more productive in the pass game. I'll tell you what, any time you win with good defense and running the football, I don't have a problem with that. Look, this team – this is twelve games in a row that this team, this Baltimore team has been in a one-score game. We knew this thing was going to come down to the end. It was going to be a dog fight. That just shows the character of the guys in the locker room. They fought."

(on the fourth-down stop)"Our defense, they played lights out. That was a hell of a stop by those guys, to just dig in and do it again. Our defense, really – they changed the game for us. Between [safety] Reshad [Jones'] pick, after the tipped ball, and then [defensive end Derrick] Shelby doing what he did, and then the fourth-down stop, all those things – our defense played lights out. I was proud of them."

(on the Dolphins defensive line)
"That [Baltimore] O-line, they came in the game and really tried to attack us the way we wanted to attack them; which was, they tried to establish the run game, they tried to wear us out up front, and it didn't happen. Those guys just kept fighting."

(on the extra point and two-point conversion)
"First of all, Rizz [Darren Rizzi, Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator] did a nice job with cadence on field goal protection and they jumped to block it. So we had the opportunity to go for two after that, but I wanted to kick it again. Of course, in the back of my mind I'm thinking, 'Maybe we should have gone for it.' Well then they block it again, and they jump off again, so I thought, forget this."

QB Ryan Tannehill

(on the defense's play)
"The D-Line was huge. Every time I looked up it seemed like they were getting pressure on (quarterback Matt Schaub) and making him move in the pocket and adjust his throw … making him uncomfortable in the pocket. I know it's tough to drop back and be facing that type of pressure all day. It's fun to see those guys make those plays. And Shelby and the interception, the only thing I said to him was 'Hey, that's a once- or twice-in-your-career type play. You got to have a celebration in the end zone or something."

(on the offense's production)
"I mean who are we kidding; not many games are we gonna win with fifteen points, we have to find ways to get in the end zone. I think, I don't know how many three and outs we had, but we had a lot and we have to find a way to convert those third downs and stay on the field and sustain drives, get in the red zone and score."

WR DeVante Parker

(on his touchdown catch)
"Tannehill threw it up where I was able to high-point it and go get it. That's what I do best. He threw it to where only I could get it and I came down with it."

DT Ndamukong Suh

(on the defensive line)
"We always pride ourselves on making plays; find some way to make a turnover, trying to make it three in a game if possible. We've got to start with one. On defense we played a decent game. We made mistakes. We can't allow teams to come out in the half and throw the ball, move the ball, and score touchdowns, so we've got things to improve on, and we'll take the win and move on to the next team."

DE Olivier Vernon

(on Shelby's pick-six)
"He almost got caught by the quarterback right there, but I'm happy for him, man. I'm happy for him and he's leading the defensive line now in interception yardage and touchdowns. I'm happy for him."

(on the common theme of the defense's success)"Pretty much just forcing them to throw. We knew they were a good running team and they fight hard. A lot of the games have been decided by three or seven points or less. We just had to get after it, force them to throw the ball, make them make mistakes and be relentless."

(on their fourth-down stop)
"That determined a lot throughout the whole game. I feel like that's when the momentum shifted a little bit and we just stood together as a band of brothers."

C Mike Pouncey

(on if running a lot is the Dolphins' new identity)"I'd love for it to be our identity. If we could have running be our identity obviously looking at it today it was close the whole time and at the end of the day we gave ourselves a chance to win in the fourth quarter."

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