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What the Giants Said After Ravens' Victory

Left: QB Daniel Jones; Right: DB Logan Ryan
Left: QB Daniel Jones; Right: DB Logan Ryan

Head Coach Joe Judge

(opening statement)

"Obviously we didn't do well enough to get the job done today. We give credit to Baltimore. It is a well-coached football team. They are very talented. They play very hard, and it presents a number of issues that we start the game faster and handle it on all phases of the ball. I am proud of the way our guys fought. We were able to make some adjustments in the second half and get some things going. We have to get to that earlier, as a staff and as players, and ultimately, we have to coach better, we have to play better, we have to make the plays in front of us. We need to make sure guys are creating situations to put our guys in positions of their strengths. All that being said, I will open it up to any questions you have."

(on the lack of changes to the defensive scheme at the beginning of the game)

"I thought Pat [Defensive Coordinator, Patrick Graham] did a good job getting to the scheme when he got to it to slow them down. There were some adjustments continuing throughout the first half. We changed up how we did some coverage in the back end to tighten up on their receivers. We played a scheme early on to kind of handle a lot more with the run. I think Lamar [Jackson] came out and did a really good job throwing the ball. They made some contested catches, but we need to tighten the windows up on them a little bit, we were letting up some easy receptions early on. Again, with this team, the focus is to stop the run. Pat made some adjustments, we were able to slow them down offensively, and then we have to stay on the field a little longer offensively to really help the defense out on the back end. We need to play good complimentary football. All three phases have to play together."

(on broken coverages on both of the Ravens' passing touchdowns)

"Yeah, anytime someone is that wide-open there is obviously some kind of breakdown within the scheme. We have to make sure we do a better job getting the 11 guys to play on the same page. It is never one guy there. It is easy to go ahead, look back at the tape and try to circle someone without having all the information of what the call was, what the scheme was, what the communication pre-snap may have been. We are going to take a look at that and make sure we never have that happen again. It is not something we have had a lot this year. Our guys have done a really good job of communication and playing ahead. We had it twice today, that is something we have to eliminate, it is tough to stop any team where we let guys run free, so we have to eliminate that."

QB Daniel Jones

(on getting sacked multiple times)

"[The Ravens] deserve the credit. They were pressuring and found different ways to bring it. I've got to do a better job of seeing it and getting the ball out in a lot of those situations whether they're exposed in the back end and in coverage. We'll look at that and learn from it. I certainly have to do a better job."

DE Dexter Lawrence

(on why the Ravens were able to run so effectively)

"They just had the better this game by hitting the edges really hard. We didn't do a good job of setting the edge and they took advantage of that."

(on if they had difficultly identifying who had the ball on the read-option keepers)

"I don't want to say that. We were just at a gap and they found a way to get there. We didn't do the best job tackling or being in our gap or being disciplined. They were the better team today and we have to live with that."

(on if the Ravens' quick 14-0 lead set the tone, physically)

"No. It happens in the game. We just have to come back off of that. I think we responded really well as a defense. We held them to only a few more points after that. They came out strong, but it's all about the finish and I think we finished pretty well."

DB Logan Ryan

(on the Ravens' rushing success)

"Playing Baltimore, you can't really mirror Lamar Jackson. It's something you've got to get adjusted to in the game. They did a good job of keeping third downs manageable, rushing for four or five at a time, keeping it 3rd-and-2. Third-and-two, they have their run available, they have their pass available. They get to the red area, you've got to hold Baltimore – who's known to move the ball, known to rush the ball really well, they have a high rushing average – we've got hold them to field goals, get the turnovers, the plays that get them off rhythm, and we didn't get that. We didn't make those turnovers early enough, we weren't good enough in the red area to make it three-nothing, six-nothing or whatever. When you have a running quarterback like Lamar Jackson and they're committing 11 guys to run the ball and the fullback's 300 pounds, I mean they're going to move the ball a bit, but you've just got to manage those situations like I keep talking about. So 'run it down our throats,' I mean that's what the stats may say, but guys were out there banging today, guys were out there finishing. Call it what you want to call it, but until you put the pads on and really understand the physicality of the game, I think we don't call it that."

(on the Ravens' wide-open touchdowns)

"I think schematically they're good play calls. They put a stress on our defense. They were running the ball really well. Sometimes you call calls to stop the run and they have a pass that puts you in a tough position. That's what makes the Ravens a good offense is when they're running and throwing, so ideally you want them to play left-handed, you want to take away one thing so you can get a grip on it. But sometimes in football they have a good call and it puts us in a tough position. It's something that we need to be prepared for, which we are, and it's something that we need to play better. Hats off to them. When you're loading the box up, as you do it, it puts a stress on the pass game and that's what they were able to do. You tip your hat to it, you watch film and you improve."

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