What The Jaguars Said After Ravens' Win


Head Coach Gus Bradley

(On if the play calling was too conservative following the turnovers)
"No. We were trying to run the ball. It comes back to that. We didn't run the ball very well again today. They were very stout up front. We knew it was going to be a challenge to get a first down. That's what your goal is in four-minute situations, and we had two four-minute situations after the takeaways. To get a first down is what we're looking for. I know we threw an interception on one and didn't get the other one."

(On whether they considered taking a shot at the end zone after the takeaways)
"No. We weren't thinking about that. We were thinking about getting a first down."

(On QB Blake Bortles performance and if he's regressing)
"I have not talked to him yet and had a conversation. I know he's showing up and making some plays and not enough plays as he would like, as we would like. I think the big thing is he's got poise and he's got to rely on that poise in these difficult situations like this. We've just got to protect and all come together like that."

(On the lack of downfield production compared to last year)
"We took pride in that last year, that we could have explosive plays. When we get explosive plays, we get more points on the board. And we took some shots today, and we just misfired or didn't have the protection. That's what I mean, we just really need to look at everything to see how we get some of these explosive plays to be more in our favor."

(On what he saw on the blocked field goal)
"The last one for us it looked like they got push on the left side. I don't know if they got double teamed but it looked like they got push and penetration."

QB Blake Bortles

(On taking a sack on the final drive)
"Definitely I was trying to extend the play for as long as possible to try and give some guys downfield a chance to get open. There comes a time when you just kind of have to cut your losses and throw it away and get another opportunity. I didn't do that; I held on to it for too long – bad play."

(On a stat that the Jaguars lead the league in blown leads in the past few years)
"I don't think guys are thinking about that stat or even knew about it. Guys are realizing, understanding that it gets old. Guys are tired of being bad. Guys are tired of losing. I thought the defense and special teams played plenty well enough to win, but we didn't offensively and I didn't as a quarterback."

(On the team's mood after starting 0-3)
"I think it's a special situation. I think you get a chance to find out what kind of people are in the locker room, what kind of people are in the building. When you go 0-3 and there was a lot of hype before the season, now that's completely gone. We know that and we can see that, so I think you get to kind of find out the character of the team, the character of the coaching staff and what we're going to do about it. We still have 13 games to play. It's a long season, there's a lot of ball left. We're not where we wanted to be by any means, but we're still excited to have 13 more opportunities to play and win."

(On the team getting booed at the end of the first half)
"There's a lot things you can say about that. I mean if I went into somebody else's work and paid money to watch them work and they did a bad job, I would probably boo them too."

CB Jalen Ramsey

(On if things boiled over with Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr.)
"I don't know. Ask him. When you've been beating the opponent that's in front of you both physically and psychologically all day, they tend to get mad like that. I don't care how old he is. If that made him angry then he can go home and sleep on it. I don't care. It is what it is."

(On if he didn't want to hear from Smith Sr. after the game)
"Yeah, but I'm not worried about him. He was still mad because I was locking him up. Alright, well sleep on it. I'm not trying to hear that after the game."

(On if he believes he got into Smith Sr.'s head)
"What do you think? You tell me. Any time I lined up on him – y'all go watch that. Y'all tell me who got in whose head. He came up to me after the game. He's an old man acting like that."

(On if he thought the Ravens moved Smith Sr. around the field to get away from him)
"Yeah. I noticed that throughout the game a little bit. If you go back and look he's lined up away from me. It is what it is. As a player, he's still a good player. I'll say that about him. I don't respect him as a man though."

RB Denard Robinson

(On the muffed punt recovery)
"I was running down the sideline with two guys on me. Once I saw him [punt returner Devin Hester] put up the fair catch signal, I was thinking that I should push my guy into him. When I got there, he had already dropped the ball so I pushed his guy into him and just fell on the ball."

CB Davon House (On if it's frustrating to come up with turnovers and still lose)
"[We're] 0-3. It's never good to be 0-3. We work hard, practice hard and play hard so it sucks when the final result on the scoreboard is not the Jaguars winning."

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