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What the Jaguars Said After Their Blowout Loss

Left: Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew; Right: Jaguars HC Doug Marrone
Left: Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew; Right: Jaguars HC Doug Marrone

Head Coach Doug Marrone

(On what he tells the team after that loss)

"I mean, I can tell you what I told them in the locker room. I told them that, 'Hey listen, we came out here today and this team was clearly the better team today. There's a lot of things that – there's some things, obviously, I thought we did well and then – but for the most part, I'm not going to point those out. Obviously, we weren't good enough at all those...' I told the players after the game, kind of gave them – talked to them about our schedule next week, talked about our mindset, talking about playing our last home game and really trying to put this game behind us quickly and move forward. Meaning that we're going to try to go on to Chicago, instead of – you know, this team has been going through a lot, they've been trying hard—and we understand that and I know they're professionals. But if we gather up all of us together, coaches and players, the greatest gift that we can all give to each other is the gift of winning a football game. That's what I told them afterwards."

(On struggling offensively in the first half, especially in the pass game)

"More so, I think it was in the run game. I think that up front they were big, physical—they played better than we did. I mean, we were getting one or two yards in the play action game, we weren't able to make plays. Either not pulling the trigger, or not being in good position, or pressure coming – it gets to you. It's a lot of things. When you don't play that well, Mike, it's not one thing, it's everything. From protection to –- everyone is accountable for it. There's no really — you can't really point your finger at one thing when not a lot is working. They come off, I think, the first half, I don't know if it was like 60 yards or 80 yards in the first half. But whether it's running, passing, if you don't have that in the NFL, nothing's working."

(On the Ravens' speed and up front physicality and on the improvement needs of this roster)

"For me, what I look at is, 'Okay, can we get to the quarterback faster so they can't outrun us near the end of it? Can we? How do we do that? How do we create better angles or leverage if we can't take care of the inside power plays? And how do we get them running early?' I mean, I've been through this before. We play big, powerful teams and sometimes I go in there and I say, 'Listen, we're going to run screens and perimeter stuff and we're going to get these big guys running, get them tired, stay on the field and hopefully get them out of the game.' I think there's a lot of things doing it."

(On the offensive line's performance today)

"They've got rushers now. They've got guys that can push the pocket on the inside, come on the outside. You know, Wink [Martindale], I saw him after the game, I've known him a long time. He does a really good job, pressure-wise coming after us. Cover zero, different types of pressures, different types of people, and trying to get open. I think you always, as a coach, and even as a player, I think you look at it, and there's always disappointment at many different levels. Whether it be, 'Maybe I can control it, maybe I should step up in the pocket, maybe I've got to finish at the top of the rush.' You know what I'm saying, these players? I think a lot of that stuff goes into it. But I would challenge anyone that gets behind, in this league, against a defense like that, and their pressure package and the players that they have, those things are going to happen. And it's unfortunate, but I'm not saying it's part of the game, you have to play better than that, there's no doubt about it."

QB Gardner Minshew II

(On moving the ball in the first half)

"It was very hard. It felt like everything we were doing, they had an answer for it. I felt they played really well and we didn't execute consistently enough in the first half."

(On if it was in the game plan to take advantage of the Ravens' lack of depth at the cornerback position)

"Yeah, I mean I think so. Anytime you're missing two players as good as the two that they were missing, you try to take advantage of that."

(On the fumble early in the second half stopping any momentum to get back in the game)

"We were just trying to score on that drive. I think we came into halftime, we said we're not going to look at this statistically, forget the score, we're going to try to get little wins where we can and that's what we tried to do in the second half."

(On facing former Jaguar teammate and current Ravens DE Yannick Ngakoue today)

"I was talking to Yan during the game. He's so competitive, as am I. I really tried to tune him out because he chirps a little bit, but I just know that's how Yan is. It was really good to be able to catch up with him after the game. [He's] a guy that I have a ton of respect for, one of the great competitors in our league, a really good player."

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