What The Jaguars Said After Their Crazy Win


Head Coach Gus Bradley

(opening statement)
"Unbelievable game. Give credit; both teams really battled with that game going back and forth. We knew it was going to be a one possession game just by the history of both teams."

(on if he was surprised his team got the last play off)
"Yes, listen, there's so many people that you look at. … On that play Blake [Bortles] did a great job, got the ball out. He slipped I believe and had the fortitude to get up, keep the play going and then they hit him in the face mask. He didn't sit there and stay down. He kept battling. He kept competing, and that's our central theme, always compete."

(on his emotions in the final 10 seconds)
"Something good is about to happen. I don't know. I think it was just, 'Hey, we want a chance, just give us a chance.' And, with that penalty, it gave us a chance. That's all you can hope for."

QB Blake Bortles

(on the game's final drive)
"I was just out there trying to do something to get us down the field. Truthfully, I probably threw down the middle of the field too much, but it worked out for us. That was probably the wildest finish I've ever been involved in."

(on the face mask penalty)
"I knew right away that [linebacker Elvis Dumervil] had grabbed my face mask. I was just happy that the officials saw it. When they called the penalty, I knew we would get another play."

K Jason Myers

(on his preparation for the game-winning FG)
"I was ready for it. Once we got the ball back, I spent my time concentrating and preparing for a chance I hoped would come."

(on whether he was aware of the distance of the FG)
"Honestly, I peeked to see how far it was, but it doesn't really matter. You just have to focus and hit the ball. I was happy because I hit that ball as well as I could. That's one of the biggest kicks I've ever made."

(on the chaotic finish)
"I really wasn't aware of what was going on. I was focusing on staying calm. If you get too involved with the emotions of what's happening on the field, you'll over-kick, and that's bad."

LB Paul Posluszny

(on the way the game ended)
"I've never seen anything like that before, and [I] haven't been a part of a game like that before. That was wild, but I'm glad it ended the way it did. It looked like it was all over, and the crowds counting down 'three, two, one,' then you see a flag thrown. It was just crazy that it worked out that way, but we're really thankful that it did."

(on better defensive play in the second half)
"We really just stuck to the plan. Our big thing was, we wanted to limit them in the running game, and I think for the most part we were able to do that. [QB Joe] Flacco was able to make some big-time throws. The big difference in the second half was the turnovers, having the two interceptions and the fumble recovery on the muffed punt. That was the difference in the second half."

(on stopping the run)
"[RB Justin Forsett]'s a really good running back, and they have a very physical offensive line. Moving forward, if we want to play really good defense week-in and week-out, we have to be very physical in the run game, limit them, and force them to throw the ball. That's our chance for us to make big plays."

TE Julius Thomas

(on the win)
"You've got to appreciate these wins. We've been in so many close games that have come down to the last possession, and to come out with a 'W' is great for our morale and confidence. I think a lot of times, people underrate how important confidence is in professional sports, so getting this win is great for our confidence."

CB Davon House

(on his big game – eight tackles and two INTs)
"It feels much better to play like that when we win. Honestly, I could have had three interceptions. I don't understand why they keep throwing at me. I am good at deep balls, and they threw a lot of deep balls in my area today. Joe Flacco is a great quarterback, and he trusts his receivers. I was fortunate to get great position on both of the interceptions."

(on the team's narrow win)
"I really appreciate this win. It's a great team win, and we should celebrate for a little while before we get ready for the next game. It's really tough to beat Baltimore in this stadium, and this is really an achievement for this team. We've had a lot of close losses this season. We could be 6-3 with a few breaks. That makes this victory even better."

(on his INTs)
"On the first interception, I was just doing my technique, and the ball came to me. On the second pick, it was a fade, and I had great position on the receiver. This was definitely one of my better games. One of the things I did was watch the video board during plays. Eddie George used to do that. Terrell Williams does it. I figure if it's there, I might as well watch to see how the play's developing."

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