What the Packers Said After Escaping Baltimore With a Win

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) throws the ball for a fourth quarter touchdown in an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, Dec. 19, 2021, in Baltimore.

Head Coach Matt LaFleur

(Opening Statement) "It's never easy in this league. And like we told our team; we will always celebrate victories, and there is also a lot take from that game in terms of what we need to improve upon. I think really in all three phases. There is definitely room for improvement. But you have to give Baltimore a ton of credit. I think a lot of teams would have folded when you are down 14 points. You just go for it in your own territory, and their defense came up big. Stopping us, holding us to a field goal to keep it at a two-possession game. Their offense battled back and scored. Certainly, we didn't end the game offensively the way we like to with that three-and-out. And then they were able to score again. But ultimately, our defense made the play when we had to make it. We're certainly happy about winning the [NFC] North again. But also understand, there's three very tough games in front of us."

(on getting chunk plays with Marquez Valdes-Scantling) "I think a lot of that was predicated on the coverage that we were seeing at [Davante Adams]. There was a lot of double coverage on him, and he still, in some of those instances, was able to separate and find ways to get open. The third-and-6 that he caught, they had a double team on him, and [Davante Adams] was able to get outside. I thought 'MVS' [Marquez Valdes-Scantling] did an outstanding job."

(on what happened with the rush lanes tonight) "I'll have to go back and look at it. Certainly, we weren't good enough. [Tyler] Huntley was able to get outside and create a lot of off-schedule plays and move the sticks with his legs. He had two rushing touchdowns. That wasn't good enough. I did think, certainly any time you lose a guy like Kenny [Clark], that has an impact. But ultimately, it comes down to doing your responsibility, and guys got to own that. We've got to coach it better. We've got to execute it better." 

(on would he have made the same decision for 2-point conversion) "If I were on that sideline, absolutely. I absolutely would have. That's what I anticipated. That's what we anticipated as a coaching staff that they were going to go for two if they were to score. We talked about it prior to them scoring. And sure enough, they did it. I thought there for a second, when they took the timeout that they were trying to burn our last timeout so that we had no timeouts if they were to kick it. I thought they might run their PAT unit on to the field but they didn't. Thankfully our defense found a key stop. I think [Darnell] Savage got a piece of that ball, in that corner of the end zone and made a great play." 

QB Aaron Rodgers

(on if there's something significant about being able to defeat an AFC team while trying to fight for homefield advantage) "I think so. I think there's a lot to it. The AFC North is just like the NFC North; they're a very physical division. We played Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, good football teams with winning records. I didn't see what Cincinnati finished up with today, but good football teams. All four of those teams in the AFC North are really tough, physical football teams. So, I'm proud of the way we moved the ball on offense when we had to. It was one of the most interesting defensive schemes that I've seen in a long time. They were trying to stop Davante [Adams] with some of the pre-snap alignments were things we haven't seen. I told him walking in the tunnel after the game that that's the greatest respect level that someone could give you to literally line up two guys on you for the majority of the game. So, it's a big win for us."

(on how close he is to playing at the level he played at last year) "It's tough, because this year is so different. It's hard to compare year to year. I feel like I'm playing better in many respects. Obviously, numbers-wise, the biggest difference, I think, is amount of touchdowns is probably red zone efficiency. Last year, we were at 80% and had a ton of touchdowns in the red zone. This year, I think we're hovering in the mid-50s. I think that's where some of the numbers maybe don't look as comparable, but I feel that my movement in the pocket, my feel, my timing … Tonight, there were a couple throws I was proud of. There aren't many games where you make a throw, and you kind of are really smiling on the inside, because it makes you feel good. But I threw a ball to Marquez [Valdes-Scantling] in the first play of the two-minute [drill], and it was kind of harnessing back to the feeling I had years ago, as far as my footwork, my timing and my ball placement. I've still made those plays this year, but those are the fun ones. Those are the ones that you feel really, really good about. I felt like I threw the ball really well."

(on his thoughts on the Ravens deciding to go for two at the end of the game) "'Te' [Davante Adams] and I were actually talking about it a few plays before the touchdown. We both agreed that they would probably go for two. I think it's the same reason they went for it backed in their own territory down by 11; they just didn't feel like they could stop us. They were kind of on a roll on offense, and they felt like they needed to go for it at that point and try to get back in the game with their offense. I respect it. [Ravens head coach] John [Harbaugh] has done that over the years with being aggressive. They've gone for it on fourth downs in their own territory trying to put teams away and finish games out. They've gone for two and were short before. So, I was not surprised by the call, but I was very happy with the results – [Eric] Stokes breaking that thing up." 

RB Aaron Jones

(on what he was thinking when Baltimore was driving for the tying score) "Just trust in the defense. They put up all this work, all this time to get us to that point. So, that's all you can do – is trust them. Hopefully, they go out there and make a play, which they did, and it worked out in our favor. So, kudos to them. They put in a whole bunch of work, and I'm proud of those guys." 

(on what he was thinking when Baltimore went for the two-point conversion attempt) "I didn't really have a feeling either way. I thought, 'If they don't get this, we win. If they do, then we need to be ready to 'to go down in a two-minute drive to get a field goal up or get a touchdown.' Once they didn't get it, that was like a breath of fresh air." 

(on what it was like to prepare for a Ravens defense that had a lot of new faces and numbers) "I know some of those guys because my brother played here. So, some of the older guys like Tony Jefferson [II], Anthony Levine [Sr.], I knew them. So, it wasn't that new to me, but of course, you hadn't really seen them on film for much of the year. But you just have to go out there and play. They are on the field, so you know they can play, as well." 

WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling

(on QB Aaron Rodgers' play compared to last year) "Of course he's had multiple games with multiple touchdowns and no picks. I don't know how many guys can do that. He makes throw after throw that you are just like, 'How did he get that ball in there?' The one he threw to me in two minutes, it's like how did that ball get through there? He's the best." 

(on being on the receiving end of Aaron Rodgers' record-tying touchdown and if he knew in the moment) "Yeah, I knew right away, and I was like, 'Did that break the record, or did that tie the record?' That's what we were talking about when everyone was around me because that's like a crazy accomplishment. I definitely kept that football. That one is not going anywhere. You know if it was broken, I would've given it to him, but that one is mine. I think that's just a great accomplishment for him. I just love that I'm a part of it." 

LB De'Vondre Campbell

(on what he saw in his first-quarter sack and how important the play was to keep the Ravens from getting on the board) "I think it was a huge a play in the game. As you can see, it came down to the wire. I was just kind of reading the quarterback and pushing through my zone, and I didn't have anybody to cover so I just went and added on to the blitz. I actually thought he was going to throw it away, but he didn't, so it was pretty good play." 

(on containing QB Tyler Huntley and stopping him from rushing to the outside) "[QB Tyler Huntley] is a good player, and a lot of people don't realize it because he's playing behind Lamar Jackson, but he's a really good football player. He just made some plays, and that's what happens in this league. People are going to make plays, so you got to keep on pushing. I think we did a good job of not letting it get to us, like, 'Oh, he's extending drives.' Just got to keep fighting to the end." 

(on overall challenge of facing the Ravens today) "When you're playing a scrambling quarterback, that's like playing an extra eligible receiver. We had a lot of that stuff covered up. It's just he was able to scramble and make plays but like I said we just keep fighting and find a way to get it done." 

(on if he anticipated QB Tyler Huntley moving outside the pocket and for Mark Andrews to be the target on the two-point conversion) "We know that's their No. 1 receiver coming into the game. He leads their team in targets and basically everything receiving, so we knew he was going to be a big part of the offense, but he made some plays, unfortunately, but we were able to make a play when it mattered the most, and that's what it's all about." 

(on adjustments they made to be better against TE Mark Andrews in second half) "We just made the typical halftime adjustments. You know they found ways to kind of get him the ball, but I think we did a really good job of coming in and making our adjustments and getting everybody on the same page and try and limit him as much as you can." 

(on if he took a sigh of relief when he found out QB Lamar Jackson wasn't playing) "No I don't think so, like I said earlier, we knew No. 2 [Tyler Huntley] was just as good as Lamar, he just doesn't get the credit because he doesn't play as much. He can make every throw. He can run. He's a good football player. He's an NFL quarterback, so you have to approach it as such." 

S Adrian Amos

(on how surprised he was about the Ravens going for two) "It didn't really surprise me that much with them. They went for the win either last week or the week before, and, earlier in the game, they went for it on fourth down when they were backed up. They play to win. That's how they play, always ready to go for it. So, we just had to make a stop." 

(on winning another close game as opposed to other teams who have lost them) "That's every week. This is the NFL, and everybody is good. Any team can beat you. I always like to say that backups in the NFL can embarrass you if you don't come to play. Because everybody is a professional, so each and every week, you have to go out and play ball. [The Ravens] are one of the top teams in the NFL. They've had a lot of injuries, but two weeks ago, they were the top team in the AFC. They've had a little stretch of tough losses, but this is not a bad team we played today."

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