What The Patriots Said After Their Win


Head Coach Bill Belichick

(opening statement)
"Well that was a great football game today. First of all, I thought that the Ravens played really well; it's a good football team. Coach [John] Harbaugh does a good job and his staff. They're tough to play against in all three phases of the game and obviously took it right down to the final play."

(on Duron Harmon's interception at the end)
"We worked really hard this week on defending the long balls. Obviously that's a great strength of the Ravens and [Joe] Flacco. Devin made a good interception on it and Duron went up and high-pointed the ball and made the play. Obviously we probably wouldn't have won without those two plays so they were big for us."

(on if this is one of the craziest of the 20 playoff wins he's had)"Yeah, probably. Well, I don't know. We've had some – but yeah, it was, look, that means I've been doing this a long, long time."

QB Tom Brady

(on the double pass)
"Yeah, that double pass has been in all season. It was great that Josh [McDaniels] called it at the perfect time. We actually got the prefect look. Star blitz right off of it. They bit up, obviously to try to go tackle Jules and Danny slipped behind them and Jules threw a dime. Pretty sweet play. We needed it. We needed a lot of plays."

(on the ineligible receivers)
"I don't know.  Who knows. Maybe those guys gotta study the rule book and figure it out. We obviously knew what we were doing and we made some pretty important plays. It was a real good weapon for us. Maybe we'll have something in store next week."

(on HC John Harbaugh saying it's deception and that the league will review it)
"They'll look at it then. I don't know what's deceiving about that. [They] should figure it out."

(on his nerves on Flacco's last drive)
"Yeah, it was a fourth-down play right around the two-minute warning they made, which was just a  great play that [Owen] Daniels made. You lose a little momentum at that point and then we got a great rush on Joe [Flacco] and he threw it up in the end zone and Duron [Harmon] made a great pick. He's picked me in practice a bunch  – Duron – so it was nice to see him pick another quarterback, especially at a big time moment like he did."

WR Danny Amendola

(on how long the Patriots have been practicing that double pass play)
"Me and Julian [Edelman] have been practicing that for about five years. It was a play we had in the books for a little while now, but it ended up working out."

(on whether the game was a slugfest)
"It was, yeah. They're a great team, they play really hard. Defensively, they do some great things and they've got some great athletes. We got it done tonight."

WR Julian Edelman

(on his touchdown pass)
"The coach dialed up the double pass. We've had it in for a little bit and finally got it called, and we all saw that the coverage [that] we wanted was going to be there, and we were able to execute the play."

(on if he was surprised the double pass was called)
"No. You've got to unload everything you've got to win against a team like that – the Baltimore Ravens. They played a tough game. Our coaches, they've got the aggressiveness to call that."

TE Rob Gronkowski

(on the overall play of the team)
"We just stuck together as a team and took it one play at a time. We knew we couldn't put up two touchdowns in one play so we just stuck together, got first downs, and we came through. [Our] defense played well, stuck together, and executed, as well as on offense."

DB Duron Harmon

(on his interception)
"It was just me reading the quarterback. He threw the ball up there and gave me a chance and I just came down with it. I'm glad I caught it and it ended the game for us."

(On if he anticipated a loft timing pass from Flacco because of his tendency to throw such passes)
"That was something that we talked about all week – Flacco has a lot of faith in his receivers, Torrey Smith, Steve Smith Sr. and he'll throw a shot up there and you just got to be ready to make a play and at that point I was."

(on the difficult game)
"That's a mentally tough football team over there, man. They're mentally tough, physically tough and we knew that it was going to be a 60-minute football game. They play hard, they play hard down to the wire, man, and it was just a great atmosphere out there and it was a great game."

DE Rob Ninkovich

(on the Ravens offense)
"They did a good job, you have to give them credit for some of the things that they did. First drive: up tempo, going by a script, they did a good job of pressing the issue. I think we've just got to do a better job early in the game."

WR Matthew Slater

(on what it feels like to be a part of a game that will be remembered for a long time)
"I think what I'll remember about this game is how good the Ravens are. The DNA of their team, the character of their team, you can't say enough about it. Those guys, year after year, they compete and they make you fight for it. I think what I'll remember most is the character that we showed and being resilient and fighting together to overcome that very good football team."

DT Vince Wilfork

(on Baltimore's early lead)
"Those early points they had, they were kind of on their script and they were doing some things that typically they weren't going to do during the course of the game, but just wanted to see what we were going to do. They got us. They hit us on some plays, so once the game got settled down, we really got into our game-plan mode, calling our plays, and we really got settled down and started playing a lot better."

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