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What The Raiders Said After Their Win


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

(On the Raiders' passing game)
"We have people that can get down the field. We have a quarterback that's very accurate down the field. We're going to be able to run the ball well. That's a really physical front, a physical defense that we went against today, and our offense was terrific for most of the day. I would just say that today was a little closer to what we're looking for with the offensive production."* *

(On if there was extra quarterback protection)
"No. Our protection has been really good. I think all camp, all preseason and for the first two games, I think our protection has been really good. I think the O-line is doing a nice job with that."* *

(On if his defense is a concern)
"I think both defenses will come out of the game saying, 'We certainly feel like we're capable of doing better.' The difference is we're going to make our corrections with a 'W.' I think both offenses were really terrific today – a lot of offensive productivity. For those who like the high scoring games, there was a lot of scoring there, lot of activity, lot of action. I'm sure the defensive coaches on both sides are going to talk about the things they need to correct, and rightly so. But as a team, we get to go home happy."

Quarterback Derek Carr

(On the emotions of the game)
"Oh my goodness, yes. Emotional, I think that's to say the least. We knew it was going to be a fight. Obviously Baltimore, they have been to the playoffs how many times the last seven, eight years, Super Bowl MVP quarterback, great defense, very physical defense, we knew it was going to be a challenge today but it just makes me so happy to see my teammates fight the way we did."* *

(On his thoughts after his interception)
"Yeah, of course, that's a tough play too. It's a tough play the way it happened, but, all I was thinking man, was just give us a chance, please Lord, just give us a chance. I'm thankful our defense held up and Coach Del Rio did great with the time outs. I think the clock management was awesome to give us that much time and get the ball back. Then after that, I just told the guys in the huddle to believe it. We've done this a thousand times, believe it and they did a great job of making plays."* *

(On the first touchdown to Amari Cooper)
"We knew that we were going to have an opportunity in certain situations for those kinds of plays. I just remember Amari ran part of the route. I threw it early because I think someone hit me, coming off late, because I was probably holding the ball a little too long. I threw it and just as soon as I looked up he was catching the ball and he was running to it. All I was praying was that I didn't overthrow it, but he caught it. I knew when he caught it, I was like, 'Ok he's gone.'That was a big juice for our team really. It gave us a shot of life. I think that he deserves a lot of credit, man. He's a great spark plug."* *

(On the game-winning touchdown)
"They played a little middle open coverage in the mike [linebacker] actually. I was going to work [Mychal] Rivera and the mike actually pushed to mike. I knew it was going to open the hole up to Seth [Roberts]. What a play call, that [Offensive Coordinator Bill] Musgrave knew that they were going to be in that look. He said this is going to perfect and we went out there and I just did what he told me."* *

(On the interception that was called back)"Oh yeah. I was trying to body Mychal and the guy kind of pulled him and jumped in front of it. As soon as I threw it I was like, 'Ok if they don't call this I'm going to be hot.' But they called it and they did a great job. The guy was behind Mychal, so I was trying to put it on him, just kind of turn him inside and put it on him."* *

(On dealing with Elvis Dumervil when Terrell Suggs is off the field)"Obviously when there's two of them out there it's tough, but it's never easy to deal with Dumervil. He's such a great player. Him, [Courtney] Upshaw, they have two great middle linebackers. We know that. Their defense is always going to be loaded. I think that our guys did a great job. Now Suggs is a great player, don't get me wrong, but if he's out there or not we just have to keep competing."

WR Michael Crabtree

(On how it felt to have a good game against a really good secondary in the Ravens)
"Yeah, I feel like I owed them, talking about the Ravens. They had me thinking [about Super Bowl XLVII]."* *

(On thinking a little about the past)
"Yeah, you've got to – motivation. Like I said, I'm just happy we pulled it out today. I'm proud of my teammates."

WR Amari Cooper

(On getting his first career win like this)
"It's really special, especially against a team like the Ravens, who are a really strong defensive team. It's a really good feeling."

DE Justin Tuck

(On holding the Ravens to a field goal on their second-to-last drive)
"It was huge. Sudden change. We blew a 10-point lead there and things kind of unraveled a little bit. It's easy for a team that hasn't had success to start saying, 'Oh God, here we go again.' But to hold them to a field goal there and give our offense a chance to go back and win it for us, I think it's huge. I hope it's a momentum-builder. I hope it's something that we learn from."

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