What the Rams Said After Narrow Win Over Ravens

Head coach Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams congratulates (9) Matthew Stafford after scoring a touchdown against the Houston Texans in an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021, in Houston, Texas. The Rams won 38-22.

Head Coach Sean McVay

(opening statement)

"First of all, wow. What a great, gutsy win. I'm really proud of this team. The resilience continues to shine through. It certainly wasn't perfect, but you talk about playing as a team, picking each other up when we need it. That's what we did today. I thought one of the biggest plays of the game was the interception at the end of the first half. It gave us good field position, Matthew (Stafford) hits Cooper [Kupp] to give us a little momentum going into the half. We found a lot of different ways to do things that we can't do moving forward, but we ended up overcoming it. I thought the stop that the defense had before our last drive was unbelievable. To make them snap it just one more time, and then for them to get the delay penalty. There were so many key contributors today. It wasn't perfect by any stretch, but we'll take our 12th win of the season any way we can get it. I'm so proud of this team. I love working with these guys. We'll look at the film. We'll clean it up, and then see what happens with some of these other games." 

(on the defense keeping it a one-possession game)

"That's what we were talking about on the sideline – 'Let's just do whatever we can to keep it a one-possession game,' and the defense had stop after stop. I'm thinking back on the defense, even all the way back to the Chicago game, the Indianapolis game, some key stops in the tight red area that have led to us being able to win football games. And that's exactly what they did right there. The play the defense made to force the delay of game penalty and move them out of third-and-4 to third-and-9 was huge. They did such a great job. So many key contributors, but that's what team football is all about. It wasn't perfect by any stretch. But I have a lot of respect – I should've started off by praising John [Harbaugh] and the Ravens. They were fighting for their lives today. They came ready to go, and that's a really good football team. You know they're always going to be a tough team to come play at home. It's a great atmosphere here in Baltimore. I'm familiar with this just from my history in Washington. But what a great job by our defense in that moment that you're talking about." 

(on what happened on the bench between Jalen Ramsey and Taylor Rapp)

"Two great competitors. They both wanted to do right. There was a little bit of a mix up there. It's just like anything else, do you have any brothers? Did you ever get into a fight with your brother? Yeah, you did. So, they moved on. I don't think it affected our ability to move forward. These are two guys that love football, they love one another. Any time that you care about each other like that, you keep moving, and I thought that's what happened." 

(on Cooper Kupp's performance)

"Cooper Kupp is so special in so many ways. The best thing about Cooper is he goes about his business in a workmanlike fashion week in, week out. He has the quietest 96 yards and a touchdown or whatever he had today, but he makes the plays when he has to."

(on balancing the final scoring drive with milking the clock)

"Without a doubt. I had a lot of confidence in our defense, but the element of urgency is you're trying to score but you also want to be a little bit more patient and deliberate. That was kind of the hope when we ran it on third down but ended up taking that four-yard loss. I thought for sure we would be able to convert there and bleed down the clock all the way. I knew I would have four good shots either way. But you never take it for granted how difficult it is to punch it in against a great defense like the Ravens. But I did have confidence in the defense. The Von Miller sack was huge. They were right in that fringe area, where if they get to the 50-yard line, you've got the greatest kicker of all time [in Justin Tucker]. So, it was definitely a factor to try to milk the clock, even though I had confidence in the defense."

QB Matthew Stafford

(on the three turnovers)

"It was a really good play by [No.] 36 [Chuck Clark], one I wish I could have seen and just 'dirted' it. To be honest with you, that's covered, but he made a great play and obviously went in to score. On the second one, probably was a little aggressive on my part. You know, I wish I would have just checked it down. And then the fumble; I hate going over all of these to be honest with you. I am tired of doing it. The fumble, you know, I thought I held onto it. Guy did a nice job taking it away from me. I've got to probably just go down right there, but I stepped through a few of those and made some plays. So, continue to try to keep hands on the ball. He did a nice job of taking it away from me. But then second half, you know, I really felt like we moved the ball the whole second half."

(on how he felt going into the last drive)

"I felt pretty good. I feel like I have been in that spot a lot of times in my career, and I feel real confident. You know, not only in myself, but in the players around me. I mean, it's not a one man show out there by any means. Relied on some guys in some key and crucial spots."

(on the fourth down conversion)

"They did a nice job of covering up the front side of the play. You know, it was really [Tyler] Higbee then to Cooper [Kupp], but they did a nice job of covering that up. Got to number three, really 3B. That was kind of all the way through the whole thing. I felt that guy driving through Odell's [Beckham Jr.] back. The ball needed to get down there in a hurry; I ripped it pretty good. And for him to just be able to reach out there and snatch that thing and hold on to it ... Take a hit in the back and, you know, convert it. It was huge. I was just really happy for him. He's that type of player. And you know, didn't have balls down the field or whatever today, or a bunch of yards or anything like that. But you know, that's as clutch as it gets. That and the touchdown to win it. Those are huge plays. His ability, like every guy in our offense, to just stay in the game, no matter what's going on. Either you are getting targets or not getting targets, whatever it is, just stay in the game and continue to play. His ability to do that, and all of our guy's ability to do that, is what helps you be successful late in the game." 

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

(on his fourth-down conversion catch)

"Yes, it was fourth-and-5, and I had a shorter route, and I know that I was trying to push to make sure that I caught the first down. And it's just something that … I got it tatted on the offseason; it says, 'Pressure - I live for it.' It's just those moments when you're so locked into the game and you know you have an opportunity. I don't really think that I'm thinking, 'Division is on the line. The game …' You're thinking about just the game at the moment. [I'm thinking,] 'We've got to make this play.' He came back to me, he put it away from the defender and just was able to make the play. So, I'm just truly grateful for the moment and happy that I can come up with a play for this team."

OLB Von Miller

(on his late-game sack)

"Yes, [Patrick] Mekari, the right tackle, he's one of the best right tackles in the league. And I played him earlier in the season in Denver, and I feel like he got my number. I was telling the guys all week that I've got a bone to pick, and to come out here and perform well and get a game-ending sack against a great opponent, it feels good. And to have 'A.D.' [Aaron Donald] jump on my back and Leonard Floyd and all the guys go crazy, that's what you play the game for. It's definitely refreshing to go out there and do your job." 

S Jordan Fuller

(on what he saw on his interception)

"Basically, I was just reading the quarterback the whole time, really. He took me to where the ball was going, and I was able to catch it, really."

(on if in a sense holding the Ravens to field goals were a small victory)

"I would say so. We don't want them to get down there to begin with. So, there is definitely some stuff we have to look at and stuff like that. I mean, once they do get down there, that's our mentality – hold them to three [points] or take the ball away. So, we were able to do that a bunch."

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