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What The Rams Said After Their Loss


Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(opening statement)
"Well, that one was a hard one. Probably one of the hardest that I've been around since I've been here. It's difficult when you lose that way, in a game that you somewhat controlled or dictated and gave up a lead. But nonetheless, it's hard to overcome four penalties against a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. I'll get them back, but I'm really disappointed for them because of the way they played. We're asking a lot of our defense right now. And we're not getting anything out of our offense.

(on WR Todd Gurley in the second half)
"The fumble wasn't Todd's fault. That was defensive penetration. That was the problem up front. It was the penetration that created the exchange problem inside. Give them credit. They created the turnovers. We created some turnovers. But they created the turnovers when they needed them."

TE Lance Kendricks

(on the Ravens' defensive play)
"They didn't do anything special. They did a lot of what we saw on film. It wasn't anything that really stood out. It was really what we didn't do and what we lacked. Turnovers will kill you every time, especially in their part of the field."

(on his touchdown)
"I just snuck out the back and got open. That's a play we saw on film. That's where they're vulnerable. We just tried to sneak me out the back. Luckily I got open. Luckily the protection was good, so it all worked out."

RB Todd Gurley

(on the offense)
"We didn't execute. Another week, we just need to execute, minimize the penalties and turnovers."

(on the fumbles)
"Like I said, there is really no excuse. I've got to hold on to the ball, whether it's somebody hitting me as soon as I get the ball. At the end of the day, I'm a running back; hold onto the ball."

WR Tavon Austin

(on the game)
"Everybody had their share. Bad things happened out there, but we've got to keep pushing forward."

(on how the offense played today)
"Bad. The defense can't save us all the time."

(on playing in front of a hometown crowd)
"I'm amped up regardless. I didn't even look at it. The media and everybody talked about the homecoming. I don't look at it as that. I look at it as a regular football game. I don't boost it up. It's a regular football game to me."

(on QB Case Keenum)
"Case is going to be Case. He did what he can do. It's over now, so next week, it will be a different story."

DE Chris Long

(on his play coming back from an injury)
"I felt ok. I just played like an [expletive]. I can't wait to hopefully play up to my standards and next week help us win, because today just sucked."

TE Jared Cook

(on the Rams' struggles)
"It's all about execution. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot today. We didn't finish drives and we had too many turnovers. It's very hard to win when you have to overcome those things. But it's nobody's fault but our own."

(on facing the Ravens)
"I don't think it was anything they did to us, it was more what we did to ourselves. We had so many opportunities to win this game and we just didn't get it done. When you put the ball on the ground as much as we did today, it's hard to keep momentum going. This is a very tough loss."

S T.J. McDonald

(on how tough this loss was)
"This has to be one of the toughest losses I've ever experienced in the NFL. We should have won this game. It was within our grasp, we just couldn't get it done."

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