What The Redskins Said After Beating Ravens


Head Coach Jay Gruden

(On performance by the defense)
"It was a big performance by everybody. The first drive was a little scary. Here we go again, but they came back and took it personal, and played well. They did what it took to win. They got off the field, played well on third down, rushed the passer and stopped the run for the most part in the second half. Did a great job, hats off to them."

(On Crowder's punt return)
"I saw great blocking and an excellent run breaking tackles. He's been outstanding for us so far in all phases. Special teams rose to the challenge. This is a great special teams unit that we were playing against. Coach Harbaugh does an excellent job. We had a nice kickoff return and a great punt return for a touchdown and we covered well. So, a great job by special teams all around."

(On C.J. Mosley interception)
"The guy made a great play. He jumped out of the gym; I mean he was up there. We had Jordan [Reed] behind him on the seam ball and probably got too aggressive and backed up. But we thought we could knife to Jordan, but Mosley made an unbelievable play. Those happen. They have a very good defense and they're going to make some plays. But for the most part, Kirk [Cousins] was efficient. When you come to Baltimore, and get a win on the road against this team, it's an accomplishment. No matter what your stats are or what happens, it's an accomplishment for everybody."

(On Ravens' fake field goal)
"They reacted well. Coach Harbaugh and the Ravens do a great job with their fakes all throughout his career. You're always on your toes, but you never know which one. We defended it well. Our staff did an excellent job of preparing them, but the players reacted and made a play."

QB Kirk Cousins

(On getting a win on the road)
"It is very satisfying for us to beat a good team like this at their place. We showed a lot of character and resiliency to win this game, but this is life in the NFL. Every week this game takes everything out of you that you have to win a game. Then, you go back and get ready for the next one."

(On Mosley's interception)
"I saw they were in two-deep zone coverage, and their linebackers do a good job in that spot. He made a great play. I didn't see what happened after that, but we were very fortunate that it turned out the way it did."

S Will Blackmon

(On his reaction to the Redskins' first win in Baltimore since 1955)
"Wow, I didn't know that. I guess that's pretty cool. This is a tough place to play, and we're up against a very successful franchise. They're always good defensively, and they've won two Super Bowls."

WR Jamison Crowder

(On the punt return for a TD)
"It was a lot of pieces involved in that. Guys did a really good job of blocking. I saw a crease, broke a tackle, and it was just a run to the end zone. When I saw the guy to my left, he had an angle on me, I braced to protect the football, but when I was able to break his tackle, then I just dug in and headed to the end zone."

CB Josh Norman

(On defending the touchdown that was overturned)
"[Breshad Perriman] pressed it like he was going on the fade. We were hand-fighting down the field and [I was] pressing him to the sideline, which was our 12th man, and [I was trying] to get him out. That was one heck of a ball. I got a little underneath of him, but he went up and caught the ball. I nudged him a little bit. We got the call of him being out of bounds. That's one of the plays where I have to take my hat off to the technique."

RB Matt Jones

(On his game)
"They've got a good run defense, and it was kind of tough to run against those guys. But, our offensive line and our whole team did a great job digging it out and coming out with the win."

(On WR Jamison Crowder's TD on the punt return)
"It was definitely big and Crowder did a great job of returning it. The punt-return group had a lot of great blocks. They set it up and gave us a whole momentum swing."

S Duke Ihenacho

(On the incompletion in the end zone to Ravens WR Breshad Perriman)
"It's crazy, because in real life, it looked like he caught it. But, after watching the replay, he clearly didn't catch it. It was a good throw. [Flacco] put it where only the receiver could catch it. But, it was just no catch. As soon as I saw it on the screen, I was cool."

(On the pass rush)
"We did well today. We pressured the quarterback, and I think [the defensive line] disrupted a lot of things that [the Ravens] wanted to do. The gaps were easy to read, as far as run-read responsibilities. They did well."

(On Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr. leaving the game early)
"It was easier. Obviously, everybody knows what kind of player he is – a Hall of Fame player, veteran guy, fiery guy, emotional guy. I feel like, when he went out, part of their emotion went out with him. I think it definitely had something to do with it."

(On Ravens K Justin Tucker lining up differently)
"I didn't notice that. I think he was lined up on the left side or something, but I didn't notice that."

LB Ryan Kerrigan

(On the defense's change after the Ravens' first TD drive)
"There were good adjustments from our coaching staff, and us going out and executing, and keeping the imposing offense out of the end zone. We did a lot better on third downs today. Good situational football. We practice two-minute drills every week in practice, and a lot of football games are decided with the two-minute drill. Today was a classic example of that. [Defensive Coordinator] 'Joe B.' [Barry] always talks about being situational masters, and we were that today."

(On pressuring Flacco)
"We knew we had to get guys in his face. We knew we had to get pressure up the middle. Our interior guys did a really good job – Ziggy [Hood] had a really good game. We just tried to get guys in [Flacco's] face and pressure him."

(On having a lot of Redskins fans in the stadium)
"They were awesome. On that two-minute drive at the end of the game, you could hardly hear the snap count, so our fans really showed up today. I know they probably see this as a rivalry, and so they acted as such today."

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