What the Steelers Said After Ravens' 26-14 Win


Head Coach Mike Tomlin

(Opening statement)
"Not enough play making in the second half of the football game for us to secure victory and really is as simple as that. They made the plays when they had the ball to maintain possession of it and move. We didn't make enough plays quickly enough to get off the field and on offense we didn't make enough plays to possess the ball, so they dominated time of possession and were able to control the game in the second half. We got to own that. We don't like where we are, but we accept it. We understand that this our doing. We just got to keep working. We will do that, we won't make excuses. Disappointed tonight but the sun will come up tomorrow. We will look at it, assess it, make necessary adjustments and things relative to our performance and who's available to us and get ready to roll again. That's our story."

(On their slow start)
We turned the ball over and we can't do that and if we do turn it over, we got to be better at defending the short field. We turned the ball over early against Tampa and they had a 7-0 lead. We turned the ball over today and they scored. First thing is first we got to maintain possession of the ball but if we do turn it over we got to be smarter in the sudden change situations that we've been.

(On why they struggled to run the ball)
"That's a good question. We were not able to find enough traction tonight. We didn't run it a lot and I'd imagine the more we run it the more traction we will find but again as the game unfolded they were controlling it by possession and winning possession downs and we weren't, so it tends to look like that when the game is being controlled in that way."

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

(On whether the Ravens defense did something different)
"No, we went a lot of no huddle and got into a rhythm and when you're converting and getting first downs you can get new sets of downs and more things happen. Like I said, we did not make enough plays in the second half to do that."

(On if they're concerned with their record)
"I think you started that thing out the best. We are only a quarter of the way through the season, so we have a long way to go."

*(On whether he's not on the same page with Antonio Brown) *"You know, I don't think I'm on the same page as anybody right now. I'm not playing well enough. I need to play better. Today was just a bad day at the office, we all have them. I had one today and I promise I'll be back to play better."

(On his biggest concern right now)
"That I didn't play well enough today to win the football game, and that I let the guys down."

WR Antonio Brown

(On what worked in the first half)
"We got some momentum just after we came back and tied the game, but it was never enough to pull ahead."

(On whether the run game has become an issue)
"Just need to find a way to win."

*(On whether there's concern at 1-2-1) *"We just need to find a way to get back on track."

(On whether there's one thing he's most concerned about)
"Everybody, a man to a man, got to commit to be a difference in the game."

DE Cam Heyward

(On whether it felt like they had the momentum after the goal-line fumble)
"First of all, we put ourselves in a crappy position, but we battled and got the turnover. We were able to tie it up at the half. The score at half was 0-0 for me. We didn't get off the field and the offense didn't score. When we do that, keep getting shots and we don't get off the field, that's just not a good recipe for success."

(On whether Marshal Yanda's return stabilized the Ravens' line)
"He did a good job."

(On climbing out of a hole at 1-2-1)
"It sucks. Look forward to going back to work tomorrow. I'm just [ticked] off we didn't get the job done."

G Ramon Foster

(On saying he's realized what they are)
"I mean, as far as the way we got to execute and finish games. We got to realize that teams are going to play us hard. We got a good team that plays hard every single game. We got to be a team that finishes every single game. Also, nobody's ever going to lay down for us. So, execution of us making the plays when they're there, the execution of mental toughness is what I mean."

(On what's been the problem in the second half the last two weeks)
"We just didn't finish it, more than anything. We were up last week. We just got to close it out, just got to close it out more than we have been."

(On whether there's concern about the running game)
"No, not at all. The situation said that we had to throw the ball, so we did. The run game was not as efficient with getting yards here and there. We get behind the chains a little bit then we got to throw. So, that's never an issue to be frantic about. Our team has always been fine either way. Ben has thrown for over 400 yards and we've only rushed for 30. We're okay with that because we're efficient on offense. Baltimore did a good job in the run game and we got to do better."

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