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What The Steelers Said After They Lost


Head Coach Mike Tomlin

(opening statement)
"Not the outcome we wanted. I compliment the Ravens on their winning performance. There's some disappointment with our performance but such is life. We'll accept responsibility for that one like we have all the others. Appreciate the men's effort. We just got beat tonight."

"We didn't make enough critical plays (and) they did. Penalties at times hurt us. But we're not going to make that excuse in terms of that determining the outcome of the game. They had more splash plays. They flipped the field with big plays down the field, whether they had a penalty throwing the ball down the field or they made the reception. They got the necessary turnovers that we didn't get. It defined the outcome of the game like it always does when these two teams come together."

(on if missing a player like running back Le'Veon Bell magnified some of the mistakes)"You play with who's healthy. We're not going to let that be the story of this game. We've had guys that have missed games every step along the way. We had three different defensive starters go down in Week 3 at Carolina. Such is life in the NFL. That's why you have 53 men on the roster."

(on whether Baltimore did anything surprising with their pass rush)"No they didn't. As time became a factor it became more effective, but that's just an axiom (or) a rule of football. They did a nice job."

(on whether a penalty should have been called when receiver Martavis Bryant was tripped on his route)
"I'm not going to get into my opinions because it's irrelevant. It's not going to change what transpired."

(on his disappointment)
"Disappointed because our intentions were to be world champions and that's something that we're not going to be this year based on the result of this game."

QB Ben Roethlisberger

(on there being anything they hadn't seen)
"No, I don't think so. Not that I can recall, just sitting here. They sat back in some zones and just counted on their front four or fifth guy to win, and I just didn't make enough plays."

(on being held to field goals instead of touchdowns)
"We always want to score when we get down seven points. We know that we can count on six (Shaun Suisham) to get us three, but it's frustrating. They're number-two ranked red zone defense for a reason."

(on there being any plays he would want back that would've made a difference)
"Anytime that we turn the ball over its frustrating. And that's why I want to apologize to the fans, my teammates, to the organization, the Rooney's and to coaches. It's just frustrating and I wish that I could apologize individually to everybody."

(on what he saw on the outside linebacker Terrell Suggs interception)"They brought a guy off of the left and then Tate went to pick up his guy and there wasn't an extra guy and (this is just from what the coaches told me what happened) when he went to pick up his guy, he kind of dipped under so Ben [Tate] couldn't get through to make that initial block, so I spun away from the first guy and then tried to get him the ball. And that was the guy that was right there and I tried to get the ball and I put a little too much heat on the high ball for him. That's just something where he's not used to playing with me. I have to know better and get him a better and more catchable ball, and Suggs made a great play."

(on what changed without Bell)
"We definitely changed some things. With our protections, we tried to do some different things, but it's not like that is the reason that we lost the game. It's not like we just re-tooled the whole playbook. I just didn't make enough plays."

(on why he left the game)
"Yeah it was just a little whiplash on my neck. I was laying down there and wanted to make sure that I could feel everything and it was more just whip-lash on my neck."

(on being able to move on, emotionally, from this loss)
"This is going to sting for a while. I wish that I could apologize to everybody."

SS Troy Polamalu

(on how disheartening this loss is considering how well the team has been playing)
"Extremely disappointing."

(on if this is his last game in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform)
"Time will tell."

OT Kelvin Beachum

(on how disappointing the loss is)

"It's extremely disappointing. It was a division opponent that we know we could handle. And we didn't take care of business today. But kudos to them. They did a good job. They came in here and won in a hostile environment."

G David DeCastro

(general comment)
"Pretty bummed right now. We felt we were on a roll. We felt we could play with anybody. And we know that we can play with anybody. But we just didn't prove it today."

(his outlook on their season)
"I think we just stuck together. We have a good group of guys. It's just unfortunate the way it finished out. We did a great job finishing the season. We had all the confidence in the world coming out. Give the Ravens credit. They outplayed us."

DE Cameron Heyward

(on coming in with a little over confidence)
"Nope. We knew what this team was capable of. Our defense is based on execution, myself included. When 11 don't execute together, it puts someone in a bind. And we weren't able to cover it up."

(on the Ravens converting in third-and-long situations)
"That was in the second half. In the first half, I thought it was the run. And then we just were playing catch up. We stopped the run in the second half. We just didn't get the job done."

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