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What The Steelers Said After They Lost To Ravens


Head Coach Mike Tomlin

(opening statement)
"I'll tell you guys the same thing that I just told the football team. We're capable of beating anyone, but we're also capable of losing to anyone.

"I give those guys [Ravens] credit. They did what was necessary to win today. They made critical plays, particularly in the turnover game. They took care of the ball, and we didn't. Hopefully, it will give us an opportunity to learn from this, and we'll learn that hard lesson moving forward. We didn't handle the business in the stadium today so we're left to look around at other stadiums. Such is life this time of year when you don't do what you're supposed to do. And we didn't today."

(on the Ravens stopping the offense)
"We turned the ball over, and they had something to do with that. Obviously, they got the turnovers."

(on the Ravens defense)
"They worked hard. They didn't do anything that others don't do consistently when they play us. They worked hard to minimize [Antonio Brown] on possession downs. They did a nice job of mixing the rest of it up in terms of playing coverage and pressures. They did a nice job."

QB Ben Roethlisberger

(on if Baltimore's defense presented new challenges)
"No. We just didn't make the plays today. It's hard to get anything going if you don't convert third downs, and that's a credit to them. They did a good job of slowing us down on third down, and that was a big key to the game."

(on not controlling your own destiny)
"Really, that's our fault, my fault. We controlled our destiny, but we gave the ball away today, and we can't do that. I can't do that."

(on conservative first-half game plan)
"That's really because of them. They played a lot of deep coverage today and forced us to run the ball. I thought we did a great job of running the ball. I thought our line did a good job of making it happen. They say it's a game of inches, and it just went their way today."

WR Antonio Brown

(on if the Steelers were over confident)
"I don't think we overlook anyone. It was time of possession, turning the ball over. We have to find a way to be better in that area, especially on the road."

(on losing to the Ravens twice)
"It's the NFL. You can't take any team for granted. Everybody is going to come out and give us their best shot, and today we didn't play our best."

LB James Harrison

(on whether the Steelers were flat)
"I thought maybe we were in the first quarter, but we came back strong. You have to give credit where credit is due: they played very well today. It doesn't get much worse than this. We had control of everything in front of us, and we just didn't come through. A few mistakes cost us big plays, and they capitalized."

(on whether the Ravens offense surprised the Steelers)
"No, they pretty much did what we thought they would do. They just executed well. Give them a lot of credit. They played really well."

LB Lawrence Timmons

(on QB Ryan Mallett's play)
"He has a rifle. I thought I had a pick on a play; he put it right in there. I have to give it to him; he came in here and got the job done. You've got to give that to him. I have nothing but respect for him."

(on the Ravens rivalry)
"This is the AFC North. I've been battling with this for six or seven years, probably longer than that. As a linebacker, I love this type of game. It's physical. I've been playing in the NFL for nine years. I love this game every time we play them."

DE Cameron Heyward

(on what the Ravens were able to do offensively)
"They were throwing a lot of short balls and got into a good rhythm. We weren't surprised by that, but it was very effective."

RB DeAngelo Williams

(on whether it was Pittsburgh's game plan to run the ball)
"Our plan was to come in here and do what we do best. Our plan was to move the ball up and down the field and score points. We had a few guys that stalled, and we had a few turnovers in places when we didn't execute. That's what cost us the game."

(on whether the Steelers hurt themselves or the Ravens defense stopped them)
"It was a little of both. It was a combination of us hurting ourselves. They played a really good game, and they executed well. They executed better than we did."

(on facing the Ravens as a Steeler)
"I haven't been in this rivalry very long, but I know all about it. You throw out the records and the stats and everything else, because it's Steelers and Ravens. It's going to be a very physical game, and you have to be prepared for that."

(on whether the Steelers were flat)
"No, I don't think we were lacking intensity. With the playoffs on the line and playing our rivals, we don't overlook anyone. We just didn't execute, and that is very frustrating."

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