What the Titans Said After the Ravens' 21-0 Win


Head Coach Mike Vrabel

(On what happened with pass protection breakdowns): "A lot, a lot of things. Bad coaching, not good execution, that's how it goes. There's no excuse for it. We have to be better on all levels. It starts with me and I've got to do a better job, and I will. We've got to coach better, we've got to play better and it's not just the protections, it's not just the third downs, it's everything. We're right back to where we started at, we're 3-3. We were 0-0 to start the season. We'll get back to work here in a few minutes and improve."

(On how surprised he was by the result): "I thought we were ready to play. I'm surprised. The penalties and the third down to get us going first half—they converted third downs and then we really hurt ourselves with some early penalties there in the first half. They're a good team. I give them credit. They came out ready to go and they clearly outplayed and outcoached us today."

(On the lack of scoring with a healthy offensive line): "It starts with the play call, it starts with the preparation, it starts with the route, it starts then with the protection. Everything has to work and coordinate together. If they're pressuring us, we've got to be able to give the quarterback enough time to be able to get to a receiver who's got to be maybe adjusting his route a little bit because of the pressure, but they clearly made a decision that they were going to pressure and they did that."

(On whether Marcus Mariota was shell-shocked): "I think we're going to evaluate all of those things here in a little bit when we're able to watch the film and get back and coach. I don't think he's shell-shocked because I know the type of competitor he is and he's won games for us. We'll have to fix a lot of things and that's one of them."

(On the lack of pressure on Joe Flacco): "Just not good enough. We gave up the drive and then we give them the third down and really what's kind of saved us in a few of the other games was our red zone. Our red zone defense was able to force those field goals. Today we weren't able to do that, unfortunately. So, we'll have to get back and we'll have to work. We'll have to stick together because if we don't, that's when bad things can happen."

(On challenging Michael Crabtree's catch): "It was kind of going fast and I figured it was probably going to be a catch, but it was a big completion, I wanted to slow things down a little. It was kind of two-fold. I wasn't able to win the challenge obviously, just trying to slow things down. Any time you convert a third and long like that that's close to the sidelines, I just felt like giving it a challenge."

QB Marcus Mariota

(On if he's ever been in a game like today): "No, that was a first."

(On what the feeling is after a game like today): "Not very good."

(On if there was a protection breakdown or receivers weren't getting open): "Well, it's a combination of a lot of different things. I can do a better job of stepping up in the pocket. I put our guys in a bad spot trying to run around too much. Those are things I've got to do better."

(On the Ravens taking away his running lanes): "Yeah, they did a good job. Their linebackers and some of those spy guys did a good job of coming off the blocks and making plays. I mean, again, maybe I can do a better job of sticking around the pocket, allowing the play to develop and giving our guys a chance to make plays."

CB Logan Ryan

(On Baltimore's success on third downs): "It was third down. I mean everything early in the game was third down. We are a pretty good third-down defense. They are pretty good third-down offense. They came out, did some tempo, tried to line up and hurry us up in the beginning of the game. We just didn't get enough stops on third down. That's on me, it's on the secondary, that's on the defense. If we get off on third down like we've been all year, those are field goals, those our punts and we didn't do that today."

WR Corey Davis

(On Mariota not having enough time to get the ball to the receivers): "Like I said, football is a team sport. It takes all 11. Obviously, no one did their job well out there today. We've got to come in tomorrow and clean it up."

C Ben Jones

(On what adjustments were made at halftime): "We've got to hold up. If they are bringing more guys or beating us late or right off the bat, we have to be on the right guys and have to hold up longer. We put ourselves in bad situations. We were in third-and-long in a lot of situations. The routes take longer, everything takes longer, so we have got to be better and not put ourselves in those situations."

LB Rashaan Evans

(On the Titans being shutout at home): "Whether you call it 'embarrassing,' or a 'butt kicking,' regardless, at the end of the day, we are family and we are going to stick together. We'll take all the blame, and then we'll go back to the drawing boards and play football. As a defense, I felt like we fought our butts off. But, at the end of the day we lost, and all we can do right now is just go right back to the drawing board and fix all the things we had mistakes on, and look forward to next week."

(On the Ravens' nine-minute scoring drive to open the game): "They are a great team. They came out today and played the better ball. As a defense, we're responsible. But, at the same time it is a learning experience for us all to make sure we're close together, and that we band together regardless of whether we are winning. I think that is the reason why we are going to be able to come back from this loss and be able to move on, because everybody is family, regardless of what happens. We are still going to stick together."

S Kevin Byard

(On giving up so many long drives to the Ravens): "We just couldn't get off the field no matter what we did. We called all types of calls. Cover 3, Cover 1, Cover 2. We just couldn't get off the field. And that kind of bit us in the behind, real bad, and we kind of got behind the eight-ball a little bit. If we can do better on third downs, and get off the field, we'll give our offense more opportunities to score points."

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