What Titans Said After Their Loss

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt

(Opening statement)
Tough game for us, I thought we did a nice job starting out on the road in a tough place to play. I thought our team responded well in that standpoint. Obviously, you can't fumble the ball on the goal line. That hurts us because we have potentially a chance to be up two scores. It was unfortunate, we did it to ourselves some. They did it to us, field position in the second half. We missed some throws and couldn't get anything going. So it's very disappointing."

(on the play of QB Zach Mettenberger)
"I think that's part of being the young quarterback. This is a tough place to play. We got the ball out and made some throws early. Then they changed up their coverage a little bit when they got up and made it a little more difficult to do that."

(on if he had any issue on the hit on Delanie Walker)
"I have to look at it on tape. It was tough."

(on TE Delanie Walker's injury)
"He's in the concussion protocol. We'll see how that progresses. I don't know if he actually got knocked out, but I know for lack of better terms, he got his bell rung."

(on changes that the Baltimore Ravens made defensively)
"They made changes in the second half with the field position. They played more soft coverage. Like I said, we had opportunities to make plays. We just had two balls that we missed on third down. We can't do that."

QB Zach Mettenberger

(on the Ravens defense)
"They made an adjustment and started rolling they're coverage, the safeties were rolling and they played zone coverage, which we were not expecting. But we've got to be ready for anything."

(on being sacked five times)
"I have to do a better job of feeling the pressure. You try to have an internal clock, that lets you know when it's time, but with the defensive linemen that they have, the clock goes a lot faster. I know I need to play a lot smarter. This is a quarterback-driven league and I have to play better."

(on what it was like to play the Ravens defense)
"They have a lot of studs in their front seven and they know it. We counteracted them early, but after a while we couldn't keep it going."

RB Leon Washington

(on facing the Ravens)
"They didn't surprise us.  They did what we saw them do on film. They have so many tough players on their team, so it's quite a challenge, and this is a tough place to play."

RT Michael Oher

(on coming back to M&T Bank Stadium)
"We wanted to get the win. Great atmosphere to play in. I had fun seeing the guys I used to play with. It was alright."

(on the treatment from the Ravens fans)
"It was alright. I didn't get any trash talking or anything like that. I guess they appreciated what I did when I was here. They've got great fans, and all I can say is they've got to keep on taking care of home."

RB Bishop Sankey

(on the offense)
"We started the game real well. We were able to move the ball. And then the second half came, and we were struggling a little bit. We struggled moving the ball at times. That's one of the things when you play a good defense like the Ravens; you've got to be on you're A game."

LB Derrick Morgan

(on pressuring the quarterback)"That was our gameplan. Coming in and getting some hits some sacks on [Joe] Flacco and disrupt him. And I think we did a decent job. They had a lot of quick game passing. We've just got to keep getting better, look at the tape, and see where we can improve."

CB Jason McCourty

(on the Ravens WR Torrey Smith touchdown)
"I think he just ran a fade. Blidi [Wreh-Wilson] was trailing a little bit and tried to catch up. [Joe] Flacco threw a pretty good pass, and he wasn't able to get there to play his hands, so it's a tough play. They made a play when they needed it."

CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson (on the Smith touchdown)
"We were hand fighting, and I got a flag called on me for that. From there, I've just got to stay in position, more of an up-field position rather than giving him that trail that I did and letting him continue to make a clean play on the call."

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