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What You Missed vs. Chargers


The Ravens entered the bye week on a great note by taking down the Chargers,29-26,at M&T Bank Stadium to pick up their second win of the season.

It's much easier to re-live a winning outcome, so let's look back at some plays you may have missed during Sunday's game. These plays were viewed using NFL Game Pass, which is available to purchase.

360 Degree View Of Jackson's Blocked Extra Point

Cornerback Asa Jackson has come up with big special teams plays in back-to-back games, and he managed to block an extra point against the Chargers. Jackson found his way into the backfield by perfectly timing up the snap count and simply running around the protection. He was dangerously close to being offsides on the play, but it looks like he just nailed the snap count perfectly. This 360 degree replay of the blocked kick came from the FreeD replay technology inside M&T Bank Stadium.

The CBS broadcast thought the referees missed an offsides call on Jackson, but when it continued to happen, analyst Trent Green thought the TV cameras weren't picking up a possible trigger on the Chargers offensive line that gave Jackson a cue to go. Sure enough, a fan tweeted a different angle of the play, showing Jackson take off a split second after the center started to snap the ball.

Canty Takes On Three Blockers

Defensive end Chris Canty has played well the last few weeks after returning from a strained calf. He graded out as the team's best run defender in Sunday's game against the Chargers, and plays like this are exactly why. Canty had just two tackles in the win, but he can disrupt the running game by taking on blockers to clog up the lanes. On this second-quarter stop, Canty shed one blocker on a double team, and then shoved the right guard back into the left guard,who was pulling on the play. That left a wide open lane for linebacker Zach Orr to bring down running back Melvin Gordon for a 1-yard loss.

Flacco Bailed Out Urschel

Center John Urschel said after the game that he was glad quarterback Joe Flacco "took care of me." The backup center struggled with shotgun snaps, and a replay from the end-zone camera showed just how close the Ravens were to losing possession on their game-winning drive. Urschel snapped a ball over Flacco's head and nearly into the hand of pass rusher Jeremiah Attaochu. Flacco managed to pounce on the football and shield it from Attaochu, allowing the Ravens to keep the drive alive. Kicker Justin Tucker booted the game winning field goal a few plays later.

Another Look At Arrington Penalty

The loudest boos at M&T Bank Stadium Sunday came after a pass interference call on Kyle Arrington. The cornerback was flagged for interference against tight end John Phillips on a second-and-11 play late in the second half. Arrington made almost no contact with Phillips on the play, but the official threw a flag after seeing the tight end lunge for a pass that bounced a few feet away from him. Arrington was clearly upset with the call, and the replay shows that he and the fans had good reason to voice their frustration.

Chargers Caught Break On Touchdown Drive

The Chargers caught a bit of a break on the last play of the first quarter. Backup left tackle Chris Hairston appeared to jump off the line of scrimmage early in an attempt to halt linebackers Elvis Dumervil and C.J. Mosley. Hairston whiffed on both defenders, and quarterback Philip Rivers released the football just before getting hit by Mosley. Rivers connected with wide receiver Keenan Allen on the third-down play, and he picked up a first down to keep the drive alive. Instead of the play being waved off for a false start and the Chargers then being in third-and-11, they moved into Baltimore territory with a fresh set of downs. They ultimately scored a touchdown on the drive.

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