What You Missed vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


The Ravens improved to 3-0 Sunday with a 19-17 comeback victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The game had plenty of excitement, particularly in the final five minutes, and the Ravens managed to come away with the win to stay undefeated on the season.

Here's a look at the game film to get a deeper look at what happened in the game and points you may have missed. (All of these plays were viewed using NFL Game Pass, which is available for fans to purchase.)

Breakdown Of Blocked Field Goal

The blocked field goal in the fourth quarter was a crucial turning point in getting the victory, and the Ravens came up with a crafty scheme to get defensive end Brent Urban in the backfield. Urban lined up next to defensive tackle Brandon Williams on the play, and Williams helped create a lane for Urban. Rather than plowing into the blockers, Williams took a step forward and then slid back several yards. As he back-pedaled, two of Jacksonville's blockers fell forward to give Urban a clean path to block the kick. It was a creative play call, and nice execution by Urban to take advantage of the hole.

Timmy Jernigan Takes On Three Blockers On Interception

Defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan has been one of the team's best players through the first three games, and plays like this are exactly why. The third-year defender showed off his combination of speed and strength by sliding inside the left guard and then getting good push on the center. Jernigan ended up facing three blockers on the play, but was still able to swing his hand up to deflect the football. That pass ended up getting intercepted by cornerback Tavon Young with just over four minutes left in the game.

Terrell Suggs Looks Like His Old Self

Jernigan isn't the only player who made Young's interception possible. On that same play, outside linebacker Terrell Suggs generated the pass rush that forced Bortles to get rid of the football. Suggs was left in a one-on-one situation with left tackle Luke Joeckell (former No.  2 overall pick), and he completely blew by the lineman. Suggs showed great burst on the play to slide inside Joeckell and then deliver the hit on the quarterback. This play is a perfect example of [add] Suggs making a significant impact, but without getting much of the attention for it. 

Suggs also came up with pair of sacks in the fourth quarter, giving him three on the season. While the play above demonstrated Suggs' quickness, he notched a sack earlier in the game because of his strength. Those two plays show that Suggs can beat offensive tackles with brute strength or quickness, which is a really good sign for the veteran playing in just his third game back from the torn Achilles.

Ronnie Stanley Shows Off Athleticism

Rookie left tackle Ronnie Stanley came into the NFL with a scouting report as an athletic offensive lineman, and he's showed that with this block against the Jaguars. Stanley was a lead blocker on an end-around play to wide receiver Mike Wallace, and the rookie demonstrated his quickness by running with a safety and then ultimately taking him out of the play. He also deserves credit for managing to get himself in front of the linebacker to avoid a blocking in the back penalty.

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