Who To Root For In Week 11 And Why


The Ravens will be watching the rest of the league from their couches Sunday.

In the process, Baltimore actually has a chance to re-take first place in the tight AFC North without lifting a finger. If every other team in the AFC North loses, the Ravens will be back on top.

Here's who to root for in Week 11 and why:

Houston (4-5) at Cleveland (6-3), 1 p.m.
Root for: Houston
The Browns are in first place in the AFC North, a half-game ahead of the Ravens. While a win for Houston isn't a great thing (they're players in the wild-card race), the Browns are more of a threat right now and the division comes first.

Seattle (6-3) at Kansas City (6-3), 1 p.m.
Root for: Seattle
Rule 1 of rooting is to always pull for NFC teams to beat AFC teams. If the Ravens don't win the AFC North, they'll be fighting for a wild-card spot. The Chiefs are legitimate threats to claim one of those spots in the AFC West. They have won four straight and six of their last seven.

Cincinnati (5-3-1) at New Orleans (4-5), 1 p.m.
Root for: New Orleans
The perfect scenario would be an ugly, physical win for the Saints. The Ravens want the NFC South first-place Saints to rise up and beat the Bengals because Cincinnati is ahead in the division standings. At the same time, it'd be nice for the Bengals to wear the Saints down physically and mentally considering the Ravens are headed to New Orleans next week.

Tampa Bay (1-8) at Washington (3-6), 1 p.m.
Root for: Tampa Bay
Unless you have compassion for our neighbors, it would be better for the Bucs to win this one. Does it matter much? Nope. But strength of schedule is the fifth tiebreaker when it comes to wild-card spots. So the more wins for the AFC South, the better from here out (except for next week of course).

Oakland (0-9) at San Diego (5-4), 4:05 p.m.
Root for: Oakland
Once considered one of the best teams in the league this year, the Chargers have lost three straight and took a 37-0 beating in Miami in their last outing. Ravens fans want that slide to continue as the Chargers are still competition in the wild-card standings. Plus, Oakland could really use a win.

New England (7-2) at Indianapolis (6-3), 8:30 p.m.
Root for: Indianapolis
Ugh, this is a rough one. The Colts seem to be the lesser of two evils. As crazy as it sounds sitting in last place in the AFC North, the Ravens are still in play for a potential first-round playoff bye if they went on a run over the next six games. New England and Indianapolis are both chief players in that chase. Better to bring the Patriots back to the pack a little bit more. How about a tie?

Pittsburgh (6-4) at Tennessee (2-7), Monday at 8:30 p.m. Root for: Tennessee
Easy pick on Monday Night Football. The Steelers were rolling with back-to-back blowout wins over the Colts and Ravens, but laid an egg in New York. Let's hope that loss hangs with them in another road game. As much as the Steelers are favored, it's never easy to win on the road in primetime. This has the potential to be another upset special.

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