Why Eric DeCosta Stays With Ravens

The New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders.

Those are the teams that have expressed interest in interviewing or hiring Ravens Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta over the years. The Jets and the Bears were the latest this offseason, each reportedly requesting interviews.

DeCosta has turned them all down. But why?

"Every day I come in and work with my friends, and I think it's a relationship business," DeCosta said. "In the end, personal ambitions aside, all you have is really your reputation and your friends and your enjoyment in life." 

DeCosta has been with the Ravens since their inaugural season in 1996, starting as one of the organization's "20-20" scouts who were about 20 years old and made about $20,000 per year.

DeCosta surely makes a lot more than that now, as he was promoted to director of college scouting in 2003, director of player personnel in 2009 and assistant general manager in 2012.

Still, DeCosta has maintained his zest for fun around the office, where he may be the organization's biggest prankster. Head Coach John Harbaugh told a story during Wednesday's pre-draft press conference about stealing General Manager Ozzie Newsome's reading glasses, knowing full well DeCosta would be blamed.

DeCosta, a Massachusetts native, also has family ties to the area. His wife, Lacie, is from Baltimore, and the two are very active in charity work. In short, DeCosta has dropped roots.

"I love Baltimore, the community. My wife is from Baltimore, I've been here 20 years, my kids go to school here, so it's great," DeCosta said.

"I sit with these guys every day and give everybody a hard time, get a chance to play jokes on everybody every day, and it's just fun," DeCosta said. "I enjoy work. I enjoy coming in here. We have a great owner, awesome stadium and best fan base in the country, so what more do you want?"

Meanwhile, Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome doesn't appear to be headed anywhere fast. The 59-year-old Hall of Famer is asked every season about when he could step down, and every year he gives a similar answer.

"Every time I walk in this office, it's a good day," Newsome said in February. "I enjoy coming to work every day, and the first time I walk in here and it doesn't feel good, then that's when I'll call the boss and let him know."

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