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Will Eric Weddle Or C.J. Mosley Wear Defensive Headset?


Eric Weddle is accustomed to running the show on defense.

The veteran safety has already made his presence felt with the Ravens just a few months into the job. He's outspoken and energetic, and his new teammates have praised his leadership ability.

So will the Ravens turn to him as the defensive player to wear the in-helmet headset to call out the plays?

Don't count on it.

"If it happens, we'll do it, but C.J. [Mosley] is ready for that leadership role," Weddle said during mandatory minicamp.

Weddle actually laughed when asked if he petitioned Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees for the job, which he held his last few seasons in San Diego. Weddle didn't approach Peas, and joked, "I bring enough problems with how much talking I do with him."

NFL rules allow one player on offense and defense to wear the helmet with an earpiece, which contains a direct line of communication from the coaches. The player wearing the helmet then relays calls to the rest of his teammates on the field. Quarterbacks always have it on offense, but teams have more flexibility with who they pick to wear it on defense.

In Baltimore, the inside linebacker has traditionally called out the defense. Ray Lewis wore the headset throughout his career and then veteran Daryl Smith took over in 2013. When the Ravens drafted Mosley in 2014, he had the headset midway through his rookie season.

As much as Weddle likes the idea of having the headset himself – he told fans during a conference call that it would be "awesome for me" – he agreed that it makes sense to have Mosley wear it because he's in the middle of all the action.

"It's best to have it as the [middle linebacker], because they are in the front seven most of the time," Weddle said.

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