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WR Michael Campanaro Conference Call Transcript

On how he feels being drafted by the Ravens after visiting with the team and growing up in Maryland: "I felt like I got a great vibe from some of the coaches and definitely felt comfortable just being there, being from the area. I definitely thought Baltimore was a potential landing spot for me entering the draft."

On what he brings to the Ravens: "I think I am going to come in and just work. I'm going to come in and learn form the best. I've already talked to Torrey Smith. I'm going to come in and put in the work. I think I can come in and help in the return game. I feel very comfortable playing the slot position. I think I can be that guy on third down to help them move the chains and keep drives going. I'm just excited to come in and learn from the older guys and get to it."

On if he was surprised being drafted in the seventh round: "I was a little surprised, just because of [how] teams told me where they had me on their board and my draft grades and the things my agent was telling me. Yes, I was extremely surprised."

On his fit with Baltimore and the team trading back into the draft to obtain his pick: "It couldn't be a better bit for me; it couldn't be a better fit. It just shows that they really wanted me to be a part of their team, and they traded back into the draft [to get me]. I'm just excited and I'm ready to come in and go to work. It's awesome, being the only receiver drafted in this class. It's awesome."

On what he admires in players like WR Wes Welker: "I'm always studying those guys and just learning from different things they do. Those guys are great competitors. You can tell, because they've been doing it for so long and you can study their game and take things from their game and incorporate them into yours."

On when he spoke with WR Torrey Smith: "I talked to him right after I got drafted, because he is represented by the same agent I am. He was on the phone, and I just talked to him about 10 minutes after. He was congratulating me and he was excited for me to be a part of the team. He just said: 'Come ready to work.' So, I'm excited."

On what advice Smith gave him: "He was just saying that I'm not going to be too far behind, but that he is looking forward to getting me up there. I talked to him when I worked out at the local visit, actually. He gave me his number, because we have some mutual friends, so I can hit him up when in town. He was just excited that I'm part of the team."

On if his family is Redskins or Ravens fans: "We're Ravens fans; this is a big Ravens family right now. My family was about split – spilt about 50/50, Redskins and Ravens. But now it's 100 percent Ravens."

On if he's having a big draft party: "It's a pretty big party. There are about 70 people down here right now. A lot of family and friends came down here to support and have a good time. They were very excited when they heard it was the Ravens [who drafted me], because about 80, 90 percent of the room was Ravens fans."

On if he'll feel added pressure playing in his home state of Maryland: "Not at all. I think it's something where everyone around me has always been supportive. I don't think it's added pressure. I'm just going to come in and just work. That's what I've always done when I've gotten on with a new team. That's what I'm looking forward to. I think everyone is just going to be happy that I'm wearing black and purple."

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