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On Rex Ryan becoming the new head coach of the Jets...

I wanted to be one of the first of many to congratulate Rex Ryan on his first head coaching job. I wish him the best of luck with the Jets. I am looking forward to the new season and a start of a dynasty led by **John Harbaugh** and **Joe Flacco**. Thanks for a GREAT SEASON!

Michael Presley
Concord, NC


On the respect Rex had of all his players while with the Ravens...

I am personally sad to see Rex Ryan go. He has meant so much to the organization for so long. One of the best things about him was how he had the respect of all the superstars on our defense, and that's rare to find with all the prima donnas these days. He also created our "Organized Chaos" as people call it. I wish the best of luck to him in New York.

Phil Ratlief
Glen Burnie, MD


On Super Bowl XLIII and potential Ravens draft choices...

I'm a Ravens fan and would have loved for the Ravens to be in the Super Bowl, but even though they're not I think it is still a pretty good matchup. I am personally rooting for the Cardinals. I think they deserve it. They have never won a Super Bowl compared to the Steelers who have won five, although if the Steelers win it will make the Ravens look better.

I also would love to see the Ravens consider Darius Heyward-Bey as their first-round draft pick. He is an all around good receiver with excellent speed that would go well with Joe Flacco's big arm. With the second pick they should get Alphonso Smith. If they don't think he will be available, they should try to trade up to get him. He is a great ball hawking corner that would fit in great with the rest of the Ravens secondary. **Samari Rolle** and **Chris McAlister** are getting old, and thee Ravens really don't have that much depth at the position.

I also like Ramses Barden who would be a big target for Joe. I like Evander Hood for defensive line depth.

Jacob Stoller
Salem, MD


More on who Ravens fans should root for in Tampa...

I hated to hear that some Ravens fans are rooting for the Steelers because they want to the trophy in the AFC North. Let me explain something to all the Ravens fans out there: I don't want anyone else in the AFC North winning the Super Bowl but the Ravens, especially the Steelers. If the Browns or Bengals make it to a Super Bowl one year (yeah right), I won't root for them either.

Pittsburgh is going to have a hard time covering Boldin and Fitzgerald. They haven't seen an offense like this since they played the Colts, and we all know what happened there. Warner is a proven Super Bowl quarterback, while Big Ben is a proven Super Bowl joke. I see the Cardinals upsetting the Steelers 27-17 in this game with the MVP going to Larry Fitzgerald. Hey Anquan, you'd look GREAT in purple next year!

Steve McNelly
Pasadena, MD



On Rex taking some free agent linebackers with him...

What bad thing can we say about Rex? He is a very skilled defensive coordinator, and now he will be a great head coach. I'm sad to see him leave the Ravens but that's what happens when a team's defenise is ranked in the top 10 year in and out! I'm happy for him and wish him success in the future. What really bothers me about Rex leaving is that our starting linebackers are now free agents. I believe that one or two of them could be joining him with the Jets. I just really hope it's not Ray! Thank you Ravens for an unbelievable year and I can't wait for next season!

Jesse MiyakawaLos Angeles, CA


On all of the changes happening within the organization...


This year was nothing short of amazing. We got to the AFC Championship game when basically no one was giving us any chance at all, not even the fans. Now, after such a great year, it ends in sadness. Not because we aren't in the Super Bowl, but because we are losing Rex Ryan and other key pieces to our mighty puzzle. I know we were all really worried at the beginning of this season with the changes that were being made with a head coach, rookie quarterback...etc, and it ended up turning out great. I just wonder how many more huge changes this organization can take. I don't even want to think about losing **Ray Lewis****Terrell Suggs** or **Bart Scott**. I feel like this team is a family, and no one wants to see a family break apart. *

Stacey Tyransky
York, PA


On who Ravens fans should root for in the Super Bowl...

With the way the season ended for the Ravens, I'm having a hard time getting excited for the Super Bowl. After the playoff win over the Titans, I really thought this was going to be our special team to bring home the second ring this decade but then the Steelers ruined our plans. Naturally, my first thoughts were that I hope the Cardinals absolutely embarrass the Steelers. But after thinking about it, a Steelers victory would make people realize how special this Ravens team really was. So no matter who wins, it's a win-win for all Ravens fans as far as I'm concerned.

Daniel Hamilton
Raleigh, NC

On the progression of Joe Flacco...

As a lifelong, heartbroken Eagles fan, it was refreshing to follow the Ravens season this year from start to finish. Intending only to follow the progress of UD graduate **Joe Flacco**, I found myself embracing everything about this team, even the terrific supporting programs on MASN. I know they did not win it all, but the Ravens' future looks bright. Just a side note about Flacco for you Ravens fans: I've watched him closely for 3 years, and he gets better & better. I've never seen him take any steps backwards. YOU GOT A STEAL. Just ask Vikings & Bears fans who are lamenting their teams passing on Joe.

Dan McGroryWilmington, DE

On Ray Lewis retiring a Raven...

My thoughts go out to **Ray Lewis**. I am sending out my plea for number 52 to remain a Raven. I want to see his statue next to Baltimore Colts number 19. I know that he loves this city and sometimes what's best for his career may not be what we want, but I want him to know that we want him here and I hope he finds a way to stay a Raven until he retires.

Robin Mitchell
Pylesville, MD

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