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You Said It! - Training Camp


### On having high character players on the Ravens roster…

D.J. Dierksen
Milford, Md.

Kathleen Ashby
Monkton, Md.

Vicki Palmer (Tony Fein's Granny)
Port Orchard, Wa.

### On offensive tackle Michael Oher's enthusiasm...

I hope Michael Oher's enthusiasm carries over into the regular season. Anyone who knows anything about the game knows that it all starts with the guys in the pits. As an old O-lineman, it's great to see the good, young talent that **Ozzie Newsome** has put together. Now that all the guys on the defensive side are healthy too, it's easy to get excited about this year.

Bill Williams,
Shrewsbury, Pa.

Joe Patton
Baltimore, Md.

### On what DE Paul Kruger brings to the Ravens...

Bryant Bunnell
Salt Lake City, Ut.


### On what the wide receiver depth chart should look like...

In response to some fans and media grumbling about who the No. 1 or No. 2 receiver should be - I think they all deserve a chance. If someone does a good job in training camp and preseason, why shouldn't they get credit for it? Why should a receiver be considered a no. 1 just based on past history? I believe they all need to prove what they can do on the field at the start of a new season.

Jeff Fortner
Severna Park, Md.

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