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You Said It! - Week 13


In the fourth installment of You Said It! *fans *offer opinions about the Ravens getting national coverage and respect, special teams, and more.


On the Ravens getting national coverage and respect...

I have a HUGE problem with some sportscasters. It seems that ever since I have become a Ravens fan in the mid 90's, the team as a whole has never gotten the respect that it deserves. For example, I can remember the Ravens improbable playoff run and Super Bowl victory in 2000-2001. ESPN's Chris Berman picked the Ravens to lose EVERY playoff game they played in (vs. Broncos, @ Titans, @ Raiders, and vs. NYG)! Some of this is understandable at the beginning of the year and sometimes against big-time teams (@ NYG this year), but just a few weeks ago Chris Berman picked the RAIDERS to beat the Ravens by something like two touchdowns.

Also, I was at the Ravens-Eagles game this past weekend and being a former college football player myself, I was very impressed with the Ravens defense. They were completely embarrassed last week at NYG and showed incredible resilience. They came out and basically tore apart the Eagles offense, but once again, all people hear on ESPN is how bad McNabb and Andy Reid are.

One last vent: [Joe Flaccointernal-link-placeholder-0] and Matt Ryan. Why is it that all the rookie talk on ESPN is about Matt Ryan, but not one word about Joe Flacco? Do they not have the same exact record? And actually, Flacco has his team in the playoff picture at the moment. I believe it's time the Ravens start getting the respect they deserve as a team to be reckoned with. Go Ravens!

Adam Merritt *Chincoteague, VA*


On NOT re-signing LB Ray Lewis…

I've been a loyal, die-hard Ravens fan since they came to Baltimore, and in being one, I am also a die-hard **Ray Lewis**


fan. Sadly enough, I think it's time for Lewis to leave the nest or take a pay-cut. The Ravens will obviously struggle this off-season with the salary cap, especially when having to deal with signing Scott and Suggs, or one of them; both are crucial for the future of the Ravens defense. If Ray's heart is truly with Baltimore and if he truly bleeds black and purple like all of us fans do, he will take a cut and stay.


Glenn Bryden *Hanover, PA*


On the Ravens' offensive and defensive teams…

Wow! I just can't say enough about this win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Every week the "experts" are constantly misjudging the extreme talent we have on this team and not giving nearly enough credit to the job that Harbaugh has done in his first year thus far. Our defense is stout (an understatement) and week in and week out we are assigned the underdog role. As a die-hard Ravens fan, I am ecstatic about where this team is right now and where it definitely seems to be headed. And how about this offense?!?!

Jeff Sirk Jr. *Manassas, VA*



On FOX 5 in Washington DC…

Down with Fox 5 TV in Washington DC. They switched from the remaining 6 minutes of the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles football game to the Washington Redskins game. It was an exciting game and to miss the ending was shameful on the part of Fox 5 TV. They owe the Ravens fans watching the game an apology.

Mike Hartman *Bowie, MD*


On the Ravens' return game…

It seems as though every Ravens fan is waiting for **Yamon Figurs** to run one back. Why wait? I think they should put **Jim Leonhard** or [Ed Reedinternal-link-placeholder-2]


back to return punts. Figurs hasn't done much so far and when Leonhard was in the return spot for the short time that he was, he seemed to be very elusive and very comfortable returning punts.


Matt Schroeder *Dallastown, PA* 


On Haloti Ngata making the Pro Bowl....

It is refreshing to hear more and more commentary about **Haloti Ngata**


that reveals to the general public just how much of an asset he is to our team. Whether it's seeing his face in PTI's wall of sports faces (thanks to **Bart Scott**[


](/team/index.html)) or listening to the Fox announcers, he is getting more exposure to the national sports audience. Whether he is stopping the run, pressuring the quarterback, or clearing the way for our backs in goal line situations, he demonstrates his immense value to the Ravens. Hopefully, his high level of play will be rewarded with a Pro Bowl spot this year instead of another spot on the All-Joe team.

Chris Shipper

Salisbury, MD

Visit Haloti Ngata's Pro Bowl Bound? page and VOTE for him on the Pro Bowl Ballot.


On the Ravens' offensive and defensive teams…

Let me start out by saying it never gets old watching the Ravens play defense, but it gets really old watching the Ravens struggle on offense. As the season moves on, I have noticed that the offensive play calling keeps getting more and more conservative. Watching the Ravens offense play the fourth quarter of the Giants game made me sick. We just rolled over and played dead. The Eagles game went in the same kind of direction, 248 total offensive yards for the Ravens. Hopefully we'll turn it around. We're going to need some gas for the playoffs.

Rob Andrews *New Windsor, MD*


*The opinions expressed here are exclusive to the individuals and do not represent the views of the Baltimore Ravens organization. *

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