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You Said It! - Week 15


In this installment of You Said It! *fans *offer opinions on who they would rather the Ravens face in the playoffs, the Steelers game and more.


On not worrying about the Colts in the playoffs...

This mess is to the fan who suggested we give the division away to avoid the Colts!!! Are you serious? First, any given Sunday we shouldn't be worried about the Colts! Second, we should never give the Pittsburg Squealers bragging rights. We deserve this division. We gave them an early X-mas present with Jared Johnson's penalty. We don't need to give them another!

Matthew Hammons *Baltimore, MD*


On preventing Steelers fans from buying tickets…


Let's become the only city where Pittsburgh fans CAN'T get tickets!! If Ravens season ticket holders don't sell them, Pittsburgh fans can't buy them. It's our biggest rivalry of the season. No one who is TRULY a Ravens fan could possibly need the money more than the satisfaction of shutting out the BLACK and GOLD that fills NFL stadiums. Come on Baltimore! Let's keep M&T Bank Stadium PURPLE!!!

Kate BonsellBaltimore, MD


On Ed Reed looking 100% healthy…

Is it just me or is **Ed Reed** finally 100%? We never really heard excuses about his play earlier in the year being a result of injury (which is typical of the Ravens: not making excuses). I mean, he wasn't bad, but it was obvious that he wasn't Ed Reed. The last few weeks he has been amazing and playing like the REED we all know and love. With Reed playing at this level, it affects the game in so many ways. Creating turnovers to get our offense the ball, opposing offenses going deep less and being more conservative. It's going to be a great December.

Will Ramsel *Hereford, MD*


On how Joe Flacco compares to past Ravens QBs...

How does **Flacco** compare to our successful quarterbacks in the past? Let's check the numbers. Remember Vinny? In 1996, he posted an 88.7 QB rating – the best QB rating as of yet. Dilfer's rating was 76.6, coupled with the emerging of that great defense. McNair posted 82.5 in 2006 – which translated to a 13-3 record. Flacco's current rating is 82.3. Numbers don't always tell the whole story, but they don't lie either. Flacco's productivity this season has translated into playoff hopes. He's broken all expectations, and will probably break Vinny's numbers, too.

Patrick Kluga
Baltimore, MD


On the Ravens pre-game show at M&T Bank Stadium...

My complaint is about the pre-game performance that the **Marching Ravens** do. They really need to do something different. I have been to every home game at M&T Bank Stadium since it opened and the band has performed the same thing every week. I wish that they could do something different. If not at every game, at least change it season by season.

Paul Simms
Upper Marlboro, MD

On avoiding the Colts in the playoffs…

As we wrap up the year, it is no secret that we are in playoff contention. We are also still fighting for the AFC North title. While many fans would love to be divisional champs for the 2nd time in the past 3 years, I would like to see Baltimore keep the sixth and final spot in the wild card. Why do you ask? Matchups. If we win the North, there is a chance that we would play the Colts in the first round of the playoffs. The Colts have had our number in 2004, 2005, last year, and in 2006 during the playoffs. A wild card birth means we will play either the Jets (for now) or the Denver Broncos. I don't see either team giving us the same amount of trouble the Colts are capable of giving. Let's say we move on from that win. We would either play the Titans or the Steelers, both of whom we are very capable of beating. This would make it two games in which we do not play the hot-handed Colts. This would also make it two games in which the Colts can lose. Even if they do not lose, they will not be as fresh as the first game of the playoffs.

As for now, we must take care of business these next three games. The Dolphins and Pats are on our heels leaving us no room for error. Go Ravens!!!!!

Ian Curse *Baltimore, MD


On the "war" against Pittsburgh this weekend...


What happens on December 14 is a match-up both teams eagerly await. It is not just a game to the players involved and the fans that cheer for them. It is a test of each team's will. It is a clash of physicality. Between the Ravens and the Steelers, the goal is not just to win. The goal is to completely shatter the other team, physically and mentally. Halftime should be used for burning game plans and gasping for breath.

This particular meeting is for even greater stakes. The end result will likely decide the victor of the AFC North; perhaps even grant a bye week. Combined with the pride of defending your home turf against your fiercest rival, these are the spoils – the spoils of war.

A war is imminent in Baltimore... are you ready?

Chris Shipper
Salisbury, MD


On local media's comments about the Ravens...

I'm getting really tired of local media personalities, who's names we won't mention (Anita Marks & Mike Preston), saying that players are unhappy with **Coach Harbaugh** or are not "buying in" to the "hardball way." When I look at the players on the sidelines on Sunday, I see positive interaction between coaches and players. I never hear the players say anything negative. Last I looked, the team was playing meaningful football in December and playing really well. I think the whole organization deserves major props for what they have accomplished already this season. I guess it could be expected. After all, these are supposed to be the "experts" and the Ravens have done nothing but prove them wrong all season. "Four wins," they said...Playoffs or not, thank you for the great season, it's been exciting.

David PrinceBaltimore, MD


*The opinions expressed here are exclusive to the individuals and do not represent the views of the Baltimore Ravens organization. *

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