Zay Flowers Reacts to His First NFL Touchdown: 'Too Lit'

WR Zay Flowers

Zay Flowers won't forget his first NFL touchdown, and he had his celebration prepared after it happened.

Flowers and Lamar Jackson connected for a 10-yard touchdown reception during Baltimore's 24-16 victory over the Titans in London. Jackson rolled to his left to buy more time after being pressured, which allowed Flowers to separate from his defender and created the opening for Jackson's touchdown throw.

Flowers celebrated the touchdown by acting like he was sprinkling flower petals in the end zone, a play off his last name that he promised he would do.

It was no surprise that Flowers and Jackson found a way to adlib for the rookie's first touchdown. They have established quick chemistry in Flowers' first season.

"Me and Lamar have been connecting the whole year on scramble drills," Flowers said. "I just cut back and he just gave it to me and I ran in."

Odell Beckham Jr. said everyone in the wide receiver room was pulling for Flowers to break through with his first score.

"If someone could've had the camera on me when (Flowers) scored, you just would've seen my whole teeth," Beckham said. "This is someone that you're in a room with who you're with daily. To finally get that off his back … We're all happy for him. Once one person in the receiver room scores, we all feel like we scored. It's great. I'm just excited for him."

Asked who was the first teammate to celebrate with him in the end zone, Flowers said Jackson, "He got there fast."

Flowers thoroughly enjoyed watching a replay of his touchdown in the locker room after the game.

"In London though, that's the best part," Flowers said. "That is too lit."

Flowers leads the Ravens with 35 catches for 367 yards, but he had not found the end zone until Sunday's game. Head Coach John Harbaugh anticipates seeing many more touchdowns from Baltimore's talented rookie.

"Zay has obviously made so many nice plays for us, but he didn't have a touchdown yet," Harbaugh said. "He's only a rookie. We are pretty far in the season. It took [until] Game 6 for him to get his first touchdown.

"I just had visions of future touchdowns. When I saw that, it's like the analogy my dad always makes. Olives. Ever open up an olive jar? What happens with the olive jar? Do the olives come pouring out? They don't come out. What do you have to do? You got to get the first one out, right? Once you get the first one out, the rest of them pour out. Hopefully that was Zay's first olive, and there will be many more to come."

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