Front Office

Stephen J. Bisciotti Owner
Richard W. Cass President
Pam Lund Executive Assistant to the Owner
Lisa Dixon Special Assistant to the President/Special Events Manager
Ron Shapiro Special Advisor to the Owner
Player Personnel
Ozzie Newsome General Manager & Executive VP
Eric DeCosta Assistant General Manager
Pat Moriarty Sr. Vice President of Football Administration
Vincent Newsome Director of Pro Personnel
Joe Hortiz Director of College Scouting
George Kokinis Senior Personnel Assistant
O.J. Brigance Sr. Advisor to Player Development
Harry Swayne Director of Player Development
Chad Alexander Assistant Director of Pro Personnel
Joe Douglas National Scout
Mark Azevedo Northeast Area Scout
David Blackburn West Area Scout
Ian Cunningham Southeast Area Scout
Jack Glowik Midwest Area Scout
Milt Hendrickson Mid-Regional Scout
Andy Weidl East-Regional Scout
Lonnie Young West-Regional Scout
Sandy Weil Director Of Football Analytics
Jessica Markison Executive Assistant/Football Administration Manager
Tolu Lasaki Player Personnel Assistant
Kenny Sanders Player Personnel Assistant
Maggie Litz Domanowski Player Personnel Administrative Assistant
Johnny Shelton Team Chaplain
Jeff Goering Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Jim Coller Director of Finance
Elizabeth Jackson Director of Human Resources
Reba Koppelman Assistant Director of Finance
Dana Cline Payables Manager
Patti Holtery Payroll Manager
Liz McCroskey Accounting Manager
Toni Lekas Receptionist
Valarie Wideman Receptionist
Athletic Training & Medical
Mark Smith Head Certified Athletic Trainer
Ron Medlin Assistant Athletic Trainer
Kevin Domboski Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer
Sam Bell Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist
Tricia Bosley Medical Services Assistant
Corporate Sales & Business Development
Kevin Rochlitz Vice President, Corporate Sales & Business Development
Ed Burchell Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Sales
Theresa Abato Senior Director, Corporate Sales & Suites Administration
Keith Weldon Director of Sales
Josh Hartman Senior Manager of Suite Sales & Services
Kate Kasabula Senior Manager, Client Services
Cindy Browning Corporate Sales and Media Traffic Manager
Aaron Cline Senior Account Executive
Jack Krabbe Corporate Sales Account Executive
Chris Savio Corporate Sales Account Executive
Chad Unitas Corporate Sales Account Executive
Mattie Powell Corporate Sales Accounts Coordinator
Digital Media & Broadcasting
Michelle Andres Vice President, Digital Media
Jay O'Brien Director of Broadcasting
Dave Lang Digital Media Manager
Sarah Ellison Digital Media Editor & Writer
Phil Cunningham Digital Media Production Coordinator
Erin Herbert Digital Media Coordinator
Cody Williams Sponsor Fulfillment Coordinator
Garrett Downing Digital Media Staff Writer
Ryan Mink Digital Media Staff Writer
John Eisenberg Columnist
Matt Brevet Broadcasting Manager
Eddie Coughlan Production Coordinator
William Sheridan Equipment Manager
Kenico Hines Assistant Equipment Manager
Tom Wood Assistant Equipment Manager
Derek Rinehart Equipment Assistant
Sharon Heller Seamstress
Football Video Operations
Jon Dubé Director of Football Video Operations
Mark Bienvenu Assistant Director of Football Video Operations
Collin Ferguson Football Video Operations Manager
Drew Wilkins Football Video Operations Coordinator
Information Technology
Bill Jankowski Vice President, Information Technology
Nick Fusee Director of Information Technology
Kevin Boyle Information Technology Coordinator
Gabrielle Dow Vice President, Marketing
Brad Downs Director of Marketing & Partnership Activation
Ken Lisse Sr. Manager, Graphic Design
Megan Collins Manager, Events & Game Presentation
Kim Ferguson Manager, Marketing & Partnership Activation
Heather Harness Manager, Marketing, Advertising & Game Entertainment
Laura Humphreys Manager, Marketing & Partnership Activation
Matt Little Manager, Marketing & Youth Football
Bryan McDonough Manager, Graphic Design
Katie Bollinger Coordinator, Marketing & Advertising
Anneliese Bruce Graphic Designer
Ilsa Marden Coordinator, Marketing & Game Entertainment
Tina Galdieri Coordinator, Cheerleaders
John Ziemann Coordinator, Marching Ravens
Bob Eller Vice President, Operations
Don Follett Head Groundskeeper/Senior Director of Fields & Grounds
Keith Mathews Facilities Maintenance Manager
Joan Fennekohl Travel Manager
Bud Reinecke Team Services Manager
Bryan Filkins Fields & Grounds Supervisor/ Equipment Assistant
Sean Kauffman Asisstant Groundskeeper
P.J. Petel Assistant Groundskeeper/Equipment Assistant
Eric Evers Groundskeeper/Equipment Assistant
Will Ranney Groundskeeper/Equipment Assistant
Public & Community Relations
Kevin Byrne Senior VP, Public & Community Relations
Chad Steele Director Of Public Relations
Heather Darney Community Relations Director
Patrick Gleason Assistant Director Of Public Relations
Emily Scerba Community Relations Manager
Tom Valente Public Relations Coordinator
Karen McGee Media Services Coordinator
Marisol Renner Publications and Public Relations Specialist
Kelly Quinlan Community Relations Coordinator
Chris Inouye Director of Retail
Megan Malek Retail Manager
Darren Sanders Director of Security
Vernon Holley Security Manager
Melvin Cross Security
Jesse Oden Security
Craig Singleterry Security
Stadium Operations
Roy Sommerhof Vice President, Stadium Operations
John Cline Event & Guest Services Sr. Manager
Jobie Waldt, FMA Stadium Operations Sr. Manager
Evan Cohen Stadium Operations Assistant
Ticket Sales & Operations
Baker Koppelman Vice President, Ticket Sales & Operations
Mike Burke Sr. Manager, Ticket Sales & Hospitality
Adam Mazalewski Sr. Ticket Operations Manager
T.J. a'Becket Ticket Operations & Distribution Coordinator
Eric Hubbs Ticket Sales & Hospitality Coordinator
Nadége McCall Customer Service Coordinator
Whitney Taylor Customer Service Coordinator