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Baltimore Ravens Evolution Of The Uniform

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Evolution of the Ravens Uniform

On June 5, 1996, the Ravens unveiled their first uniforms. See how the uniform changed over the past 25 seasons.


The Ravens took the field for their first home game in 1996 wearing purple jerseys, black pants and a black helmet. The jerseys featured white numbers outlined in gold, a black collar and white nameplates. Numbers were also displayed on the shoulders above the sleeves decorated with a flying raven. The black pants had a white stripe down the side of the leg with the Ravens shield logo sitting on the right hip. The helmet featured the Ravens' original logo on both sides.

The original road uniform consisted of the same pants and helmet but instead the Ravens wore a white jersey with purple-block numbers.


The Ravens updated the font on the jersey numbers and added a black drop shadow. The home jersey was paired with white pants that had a black and purple stripe down the side.

Black pants for road games now featured a purple stripe instead of a white stripe. The Ravens shield logo was moved to inside the stripe on the pants.


The Ravens featured an all-white uniform for road games, using the same pants and socks as their home look.



The Ravens removed the original logo from their helmets and replaced it with the redesigned purple bird-head logo, which is still used today.


The Ravens replaced the raven in flight logo on the sleeves of the jerseys with the shield logo, which was formerly on the pants. The 'B' and the 'R' inside the shield changed to the italicized font still used today. The pants now displayed an italicized gold "B" logo.

For Super Bowl XXXV, a patch was added the front of the jersey.


The Ravens debuted the black alternate uniform. The jersey featured a purple collar, numbers outlined in gold and purple and purple sleeve bases. Plain black pants and solid black socks were also introduced.



The Ravens included a 10th-anniversary patch on the front of their jerseys and adopted solid black socks full-time.


The Ravens changed the color of their cleats from white to black.



The Ravens brought back black pants to pair with the white jersey. White-on-white was only worn during preseason. The team also introduced a new uniform combination featuring black jerseys with white pants.


The white jersey with white pants combination returned on a part-time basis.


The Ravens brought back the purple jersey with black pants combination for the first time since 1996. Six different uniform combinations were worn throughout the season.


Nike took over from Reebok as the official manufacturer of NFL jerseys. Minor changes were made to the collar on the Ravens jersey. The team also added a patch to commemorate former late Owner Art Modell.

For Super Bowl XLVII, a patch was added to the front of the jersey.



The Ravens add a 20th-season commemorative patch to the front of their jerseys. The team also wore gold pants for the first (and only) time.


With the inaugural NFL Color Rush season, the Ravens introduced an all-purple combination. The purple jersey featured gold numbers outlined in white with a black drop shadow. Purple pants included a white and gold stripe combination down the side with purple socks.


The Ravens introduced a new pair of purple pants featuring a black and white stripe, worn with both home and road jerseys. The team donned 10 different uniform combinations throughout the season.