Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders FAQ

Cheerleaders FAQ

General Team Questions

Is there an age limit?

  • This is no maximum age limit.
  • Minimum age requirement is 18 by May 1, 2019.

Are there any height to weight restrictions?

You should be in overall great shape. We do not have a height to weight requirement. We have no maximum or minimum weight requirement.

What are the Playmakers? How are they different than the cheerleaders?

  • The Playmakers are the Ravens' promotional team. They make appearances throughout the Baltimore area and appear at all Ravens home games.
  • Playmakers are different from the cheerleaders in that they do not perform at football games.

What are the time requirements if you make the team i.e. practices, charity appearances, Ravens appearances, games, etc.?

  • Becoming a Ravens Cheerleader is a huge time commitment. However, it is an experience you will never forget.
  • Below are several time commitments that might help you make the decision whether to audition for our team.]
  • We have 10 home games a year and all cheerleaders are required to perform at all 10 home games.
  • Game day you are required to be at the game 5 hours prior to kickoff.
  • We start practicing beginning in April every Tuesday and Thursday through January. Our practices are from 6:30-9:30 PM.
  • There is a mandatory training camp weekend in the spring (typically in April or May).
  • Each cheerleader should plan to attend about 20 appearances a year. NFL Kickoff Week is a full week of activities from appearances to performances, which are all mandatory.

Where do you practice?

One evening we practice at our indoor football facility in Owings Mills and the second practice is at a cheerleading gymnastic center.

Are the cheerleaders paid for practice, games and appearances?

  • Yes, each cheerleader is paid hourly for practices, games and appearances.

Do you have to pay for the uniform or practice gear?

You do not have to pay for the uniform; they are on loan from the organization. You are required to put down a deposit. The deposit is returned in full at the end of the season pending the condition the uniform is returned in. All practice gear - shorts, shirts warm ups, boots, shoes, poms, pictures and team pictures are supplied to each cheerleader.

What are minimum qualifications?

  • You have to be 18 by May 1, 2019 to audition for the team.
  • You must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • You must have a part-time or full-time job, be attending college or have a family

Are auditions open to the public?

No auditions are closed to the public. This includes family and friends.

What do I need for auditions?

Auditions can run all day. Please bring with you:


  • Application (if you have not mailed it in, which is preferred)
  • An application includes:
  • Non returnable photos
  • Resume
  • Liability Release
  • Publicity Release

Other items to bring:

  • Drink and snack
  • Sweat towel
  • Make-up

How can I prepare myself for auditions?

  • Ravens cheerleaders are a synchronized precision oriented cheer dance squad. We have a dance team and a co-ed stunt team.
  • You can prepare yourself for the stunt team by taking one-on-one stunt lessons and gymnastic lessons.
  • You can prepare yourself for the dance team by taking some hip hop and jazz classes.
  • Make sure you are physically fit and very healthy.
  • Make sure you can run 2-3 miles.

Do you have any prep classes; do I have to take the prep classes to make the team?

  • Yes, we do have prep classes. We usually have 2 prep classes in the month of February. Please check the website for all the details.
  • You do not have to take the prep classes in order to the make the team. However, it is recommended since all prep classes are taught by the director and assistant coaches.

How many audition rounds are there?

  • There are 4 audition rounds.
  • First and second rounds are the weekend try outs (March 2-3). Round one is Saturday where you will learn and perform the material in front of a panel of judges. First cuts are on Saturday afternoon. Round two is on Sunday and it is only for the people who were chosen from the first round on Saturday. Second cuts are Sunday evening to be invited to the interview round.
  • Finalists move on to interviews, then to a final round at the Ravens Under Armour Performance Center.

Do I have to attend all the auditions?

Yes, you have to attend all the auditions. The first day we will have first cuts. You will then be invited back for the second day where we will make additional cuts to go into the interview round.

How should I wear my hair and make up?

  • Make-up and hair should compliment your features.
  • You should wear your hair down. Never wear your hair up in a ponytail or with any hair equipment in it.

What will the judges focus on and look for?

  • Dance technique
  • Performance
  • Showmanship and personality
  • Dance skills
  • Jump skills
  • Tumbling skills (required for stunt not for dance)
  • Stunting skills

Will all the material be taught at auditions? Or will I have to choreograph a few 8 counts?

All material will be taught at the audition process. However, we do sometimes require you to choreograph and perform a few 8 counts. You will be notified if this is the case.

What should I wear to the auditions?


  • Sports bra or crop top
  • Short biker, shorts or trunks
  • Dance, sneaker or jazz shoes
  • Skin colored panty hose, dance tights or bare legged


  • White t-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Must be clean shaven and nice hair cut