10 Most Popular Stories/Videos Of Ravens Season


The Ravens are already starting to get the pieces in place to make another postseason run next year.

But before we completely turn the page, let's take a look back at the most popular stories and videos from 2014 season based on traffic from our fans.    

Here's a look at which content received the most traffic across our digital platforms:


**1. Pitta Re-Injures Hip, Carted Off Field*** *(Sept. 21)
According to reports, TE Dennis Pitta has a dislocated hip with a possible fracture.

***2. Ravens Waive CB Dominique Franks, Shake Up Secondary** *(Nov. 4)*
Baltimore had a major shake-up at cornerback Tuesday, replacing Chykie Brown and Dominique Franks.*

***3. LFW 1/5: Mood In New England After Learning Of Ravens Matchup** *(Jan. 5)*
Harbs sets off elite firestorm. Steelers use Bell as excuse? K.O. BULLDOZES Harrison. Why no ejection?*

4. Caw: Ravens React To Jimmy Fallon Skit(Nov. 7)*
Joe Flacco was called a 'Metrosexual Frankenstein' and Phillip Supernaw is Justin Timberlake's love child.*

**5. Flacco’s Fiery Halftime Speech Snaps Ravens Out Of Funk*** *(Dec. 28)*
The usually reserved Joe Flacco had a 'powerful' message for the rest of the team at halftime.*

6. Steve Smith, Ravens React to Pass Interference Call(Oct. 26)*
The Ravens did not use the late pass interference flag as an excuse in Sunday's loss*

7. Week 16 Ravens Playoff Scenarios(Dec. 16)*
The Ravens could clinch a playoff spot this week. Find out what needs to happen.*

8. LFW 9/12: Suggs Enters Field In Gladiator Mask(Sept. 12)*
Ngata's mid-air shove to Harbs. Week 2 remembered as defining moment. Flacco, Daniels TOUGH dudes.*

9. LFW 1/7: Boston Movie Star Ben Affleck Is Terrified of Ravens(Jan. 7)*
Fan takes final breath after win. Harbs next Chuck Noll? Man who scares Brady. Super Bowl odds.*

10. LFW 11/17: Titan Takes Ugly Cheap Shot At Ravens Coach(Nov. 17)
Ravens move into second place (for now). Will Saints lose 3 in row at home? Hill, S. Smith need to step up.


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