Anthony Richardson Made Lamar Jackson Feel Old

From left: Indianapolis Colts QB Anthony Richardson, QB Lamar Jackson

Those comments crossed Jackson's radar. How did it make him feel?

"You want me to be honest, right? That made me feel old," Jackson said Wednesday as the Ravens get ready to face Richardson's Colts (1-1).

"I'm only 26. Like comparing me, himself and Cam, it was like, 'Dang. Comparing yourself to me? I'm still young.' But I appreciate stuff like that. And I did see him a couple of times in college and he played phenomenal. And his first two [NFL] games he has too."

Richardson said that he started calling himself "Cam Jackson" in 11th grade.

In part thanks to that Combine showing, Richardson became the fourth-overall pick of the Colts in April, and he was declared the team's starter for Week 1.

Richardson's NFL career has started well, as he's run for three touchdowns in two games and completed 63.8% of his passes (30-of-47) for 279 yards. However, he might not go against Jackson and the Ravens in Baltimore.

Richardson suffered a concussion early in last week's game after taking a big shot at the end of his second touchdown run and is in concussion protocol. He didn't practice Wednesday.

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