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'Biological' Father And Son Reunite In Baltimore


Jacoby Jones and Gary Kubiak have a relationship that goes beyond football.

The Ravens' new offensive coordinator drafted Jones and was his head coach in Houston for the first five years of his NFL career. He took the wide receiver under his wing during that time.

"I don't know my father, so I really think Kubiak is my biological father," Jones joked Thursday after signing a new four-year contract. "We're going to have a DNA test to make sure."

Despite spending the last couple years apart, Jones and Kubiak are still close.

After signing his new contract Thursday morning, he quickly stopped by Kubiak's new office. It didn't take long for them to re-connect, and Jones even joked about some of Kubiak's mannerisms.

"When I saw him, I hadn't seen that smile [in a while]," Jones said. "He kind of rubs his hair a certain way, you know what I'm talking about? He's my guy. He's in good spirits."

Jones and Kubiak were all smiles Thursday, but they have also endured some tough times together. Kubiak helped Jones transition into the NFL when he was struggling to make it in the NFL.

Jones recalled a specific conversation they had earlier in his career foreshadowed his contract signing Thursday. 

"It's funny because we had a conversation one time and I was sitting in the chair when I was a knucklehead, and he told me, 'When you slow down and mature, you'll have a chance to make a lot of money.' He said, 'Maybe when Houston fires my [butt],'" Jones said. "And they did, but now you're here to be a Raven, baby. We're back together."

The respect between the two men is mutual, and Kubiak praised Jones on the day Kubiak first took the job in Baltimore.

"I've got a great relationship with Jacoby," Kubiak said. "He was like one of my children – I can tell you that, and I've got three boys. We went through Jacoby's early career, where he was growing not only as a player, but as a man. I can tell you this: I'm so proud of him."

The reunion could also pay dividends on the football field. Jones knows the kind of system that Kubiak wants to run, and the veteran receiver can help the offense during the transition.

"With Joe [Flacco] in this system, it will fit," Jones said. "Coach Kubiak is a good, offensive-minded coach, and he's a quarterback that's going to help Joe a lot, too. So, this offense, with speed on the outside, and with [Dennis] Pitta back with those great hands, it's going to be smooth."

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