Bracket Battle: Final Four Edition


As we enter the last weekend of March Madness – otherwise known as the Final Four – Corey Ivy has taken a commanding lead on me in the Bracket Battle.

While my picks of Pittsburgh, Tennessee and USC failed to live up to expectations, Corey kept rolling with his Memphis Tigers all the way to the lead.

Right now, he's up by only one point (91-90), but it isn't looking good.  The only thing I can hope for is UCLA to take out the Tigers in the Final Four and lose to North Carolina in the championship game.  He's got Memphis winning the title, so his chances ride on Derrick Rose & Co. 

It all comes down to this.  Check the video player to watch me and Ivy break down our picks heading into San Antonio, and stay tuned next week for the final wrap-up from!

View Corey & Mike's updated NCAA Tournament Brackets by clicking below




1st Round: 23-9 (23 pts)
2nd Round: 12-4 (24 pts)
3rd Round: 5-3 (20 pts)
4th Round: 3-1 (24 pts)
Total: 91 points




1st Round: 24-8 (24 pts)
2nd Round: 11-5 (22 pts)
3rd Round: 5-3 (20 pts)
4th Round: 3-1 (24 pts)
Total: 90 points

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