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Late for Work: Cam Newton Says Lamar Jackson Will Win Super Bowl Before Other Prominent QBs

QB Lamar Jackson
QB Lamar Jackson

Cam Newton Says Lamar Jackson Will Win Super Bowl Before Other Young QBs

Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton joined former Raven and Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe on his podcast, "Club Shay Shay." During the show, Sharpe asked who will win a championship first.

"Who do you think wins the Super Bowl first," Sharpe asked. "Jordan Love, Brock Purdy, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, Dak Prescott, Jalen Hurts?"

Without hesitation, Newton replied, "Lamar."

This spurred Sharpe to ask what Newton sees of Jackson and why the Ravens didn't win a championship last season.

"I think one thing that Lamar and the Ravens organization just has to figure out is how to win the ugly games," Newton said. "It's one of them situations when I look at Lamar, it's like, 'Bro, stop thinking.' … Find a way to win the ugly games and we can talk about the other stuff later."

While the Ravens have had their fair share of "ugly" wins, Baltimore Beatdown’s Joshua Reed shared there may be a point to what Newton's sharing.

"During Jackson's tenure as the Ravens' starting quarterback, the team has held the lead in games far more than they have trailed," Reed wrote. "During their two best seasons they boasted double-digit margins of victory down the stretch. And while the Ravens have played in and won a handful of close games, they haven't shown an ability to consistently win the ugly games when it matters most in the postseason."

Newton referenced the 2018 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, which is widely regarded as one of the uglier Super Bowls in history, and pointed to how Tom Brady and the Patriots found a way to win.

"That was the ugliest Super Bowl ever," Newton said. "Once [Jackson] figures that out, the organization figures that out, [Newton whistles]."

Could the Ravens Make a Trade for WR Brandon Aiyuk?

Contract negotiations have been publicly cumbersome this offseason between wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk and the San Francisco 49ers. There's been rumors of trade talks, disputes over a formal trade request, and drama over Aiyuk unfollowing the 49ers on various social media platforms. While the latest report on Sunday from Aiyuk’s agent denied the wideout made a formal trade request, it doesn't close the door on the 49ers answering calls about a possible trade.

Such buzz has Baltimore Beatdown’s Zach Canter considering if the Ravens should inquire about the All-Pro wideout.

"From an on-field perspective, absolutely. Aiyuk is a terror on the outside," Canter wrote. "He can be successful in any area on the field, be it short, intermediate or deep plays. … It would be a pretty seamless transition as well, going from Shanahan's run-heavy scheme to Baltimore's run-heavy system, with newly added star running back Derrick Henry. Aiyuk is noted as one of the best blocking wide receivers in the NFL."

Canter was highly complimentary of what the duo of Aiyuk and Zay Flowers could be.

"Pairing an alpha-dog winner like Aiyuk with Zay Flowers would make one of the deadliest wide receiver duos in the NFL," Canter wrote. "While Flowers can motion all around the offense, Aiyuk will be a steady presence on the outside."

Canter notes, however, the cost to acquire Aiyuk may put the Ravens out of contention.

"Roster construction-wise, the Ravens don't oft spend on wide receivers, don't like to trade draft picks often, never trade first-round picks for players and have repeatedly said they will need to build through the draft due to Jackson's contract. Trading a possible first-round pick plus handing out a big-money extension for a wide receiver? Not the Raven way, especially with a historically deep wide receiver prospect class in this upcoming draft."

The depth of this draft and the affordability of rookies could keep the Ravens from making a big-time play for Aiyuk.

"Whichever way the Ravens move on this, they'll probably be happy; be it getting an alpha wide receiver locked up or building through the draft," Canter wrote. "Regardless, the Ravens will have a competitive roster either way."

Why the Ravens Should Draft Oklahoma OT Tyler Guyton

The Ravens are expected to rebuild their offensive line this offseason. Along with the current depth chart, pundits largely expect Baltimore to take an offensive lineman in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. Oklahoma tackle Tyler Guyton, who has been linked to the Ravens in mock drafts, has his game broken down by The Baltimore Banner's Jonas Shaffer.

"Physically, Guyton profiles as a first-round talent," Shaffer wrote. "Among tackles, he tested in the upper third in the 40-yard dash (5.19 seconds, 69th percentile) and 10-yard split in the 40-yard dash (85th percentile), as well as the broad jump (73rd percentile), three-cone drill (87th percentile) and vertical jump (98th percentile)."

Big-bodied, athletic offensive tackles often get scooped up early in the draft. So why might Guyton be there for the Ravens at No. 30?

"Guyton has started just 14 games and played just 1,083 career snaps along the offensive line, according to PFF," Shaffer wrote. "That inexperience shows up in Guyton's tape. He suffered from a passive approach in his pass sets; at times, Guyton seemed almost determined to win repetitions with his footwork alone, using his punch almost as a last resort after pass rushers engaged him.

"But Guyton has room to grow and, as he moves on to the NFL, he should get even stronger. There will be a learning curve, especially as he trades Oklahoma's up-tempo, RPO-heavy offense for a more conventional playbook. If Guyton is needed at left tackle — he was actually the blind-side protection for southpaw Dillon Gabriel last season — the transition, early on, could be even more challenging."

Quick Hits

  • Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon suggests the Ravens could go wide receiver early in the upcoming draft, writing, "The Ravens seem to add to this room early in the draft every year, and they are a candidate to do it again in 2024. Zay Flowers was excellent as a rookie but there is a need beyond him. I still have a good bit of faith in Rashod Bateman this coming season if he can get in a full healthy offseason but that is a gamble given the way his career has gone."

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