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The Touching Story Behind Derrick Henry's Purple Suit

RB Derrick Henry
RB Derrick Henry

It was less than two days between when Derrick Henry agreed to become a Raven and when he showed up for his first day on the new job.

So how did he show up at the Under Armour Performance Center with a perfectly tailored purple suit?

The answer is more sentimental than you would expect, and yet another reason why the Henry-Ravens pairing seems to have been destiny.

"This is actually the suit I wore to my grandmother's funeral, who raised me. She died in 2016, and purple is her favorite color," Henry said.

"We're actually moving these next [few] weeks, so I was scrambling through boxes, pulling everything out, trying to find this suit and be able to put it together. I definitely wanted to wear this color to honor her and show all the fans around Flock Nation that I'm ready, and I'm on board."

Henry laughed saying he was happy the suit still fits. How many of us can say we still fit perfectly in a suit from eight years ago?

"I haven't gotten too fat throughout the years," Henry joked on the NFL Network.

Henry's parents, Derrick Henry Sr. (known as "Big D") and Stacy Veal, were just 16 and 15 years old when Henry was born. Gladys gave Henry the nickname “Shocka” because of how shocking his arrival was. The young family moved in with Gladys and she raised Henry like he was one of her own 14 children.

Henry said his grandmother also loved butterflies. At Henry's offseason home in Texas, where he's lived for two years, he said he never once saw a butterfly. On the day before free agency, he was outside playing with his three-year-old daughter, Valentina, and a butterfly flew around him constantly.

"That was kind of like a reminder that she was around, and everything was going to be alright," Henry said. "So, it felt good."

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