Ed Reed Doesn't Like Thursday Night Football


Ravens All-Pro safety Ed Reed laid some big hits on Sunday Night Football. He kept them coming in the locker room Tuesday.

Reed spoke about his distaste for Thursday Night Football and weighed in on the Monday Night Football referee controversy.

"I never liked it when the Thursday night game came out. It's all about money," Reed said. "Like I said, it's out of my hands."

Reed was asked whether he watched Monday Night Football between Seattle and Green Bay, which ended with a controversial Hail Mary that gave the Seahawks the 14-12 win.

In case you were asleep like Reed (he did wake up in time for the review) or haven't heard the hubbub, here's a quick summary:

Seattle wide receiver Golden Tate and Packers safety M.D. Jennings both went up and got their hands on the final pass. It was ruled that both players had possession and thus, a tie goes to the runner and the offense is given the touchdown. The call was upheld after review.

In a statement today, the NFL said pass interference should have been called on Tate before he went up for the catch, but that's not reviewable. The NFL Officiating Department stood by the referee's decision not to overturn the call on the field, saying there was not indisputable evidence to do so.

Here's Reed's take on the NFL's most buzz worthy topic Wednesday:

"Obviously the DB had the ball. Anytime they come down, it's like baseball, tie goes to the runner. They always call it for the offense. We all saw the guy had the ball," Reed said.

"They should have called pass interference on Tate, but that's what's been going on with these refs. It's like Joe [Flacco] said, it's an integrity part about the game that they expect the players to uphold, protect the shield like they always tell us, but they don't protect the shield when it comes to the owners and everybody else getting money. It's not for the refs, it's not for the players. I went through my thing in the offseason, everybody coming at my head, but I speak the truth."

The Ravens have an unusually tough turnaround this week. The Ravens' already short week was made more difficult by coming off a Sunday night game that ended around midnight.

Quarterback Joe Flacco said he likes Thursday night's game, however, because it provides an opportunity for a long weekend.

"It's a really crazy turnaround. It really is," Flacco said. "But I kind of like them. It gives us a short week, it kind of forces you to do the things you're good at and go out there and just play the football game. If you go out there and play the way you want to it gives you a little rest on the back end. So I like it."

Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo likes the idea of getting a lead on everybody and being able to watch everybody else on Sunday and Monday.

"When you can win the week before and then win on Thursday night, it's worth it," he said. "You've got to keep rolling those dice when you're hot. We're looking to close this first quarter of the season out 3-1. Why not do it on a Thursday night and then get to sit home and the pressure is on everybody else?"

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