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Five Things to Know About Kevin Zeitler

G Kevin Zeitler
G Kevin Zeitler

Zeitler is a dog lover and quite an impressive dog trainer.

In 2018, Zeitler and his rescue dog, Amber, were contestants on the CBS show "Most Valuable Performer," where NFL players had the chance to show off their talents. Zeitler and Amber reached the finals, pulling off some impressive tricks together. However, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker won the competition, displaying his powerful singing voice with a rendition of 'Ava Maria.' Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams, another talented singer, also took part in the competition. If the Ravens ever have a talent show, Zeitler can be one of the featured acts.

Zeitler works on his pass-blocking technique in public.

A perfectionist, Zeitler isn't shy about working on his pass-blocking technique, no matter who sees him. He'll do it while shopping, or on vacation. His wife, Sara Zeitler, has grown accustomed to it.

"We can be anywhere and he'll be pass setting," Sara said via "I think it helps him relax, to be honest. He does it everywhere. He did it in the photography studio when we were having our newborn photos done. We were on vacation in a winery, in a wine tunnel, and he's pass setting. It's just Kevin, but sometimes I have to realize that other people don't know him, so they'll kind of look at him like, 'What are you doing?'''

Fishing is one of Zeitler's passions.

Moving to Maryland will give Zeitler new fishing locations to explore. He's an avid fisherman who likes the more challenging catches, like muskie. He takes it seriously, and Zeitler has the patience to reel in the big ones.

When he played for the New York Giants, Zeitler's fishing skills impressed former Giants Head Coach Pat Shurmur.

"I know enough about fishing where they say it takes 10,000 casts to catch a muskie," Shurmur said via "So that's a pretty focused guy. I think that's part of his charm is his focus. Really in every drill we do, whether it's a walkthrough or practice setting, he's into it. That's a good thing."

The Zeitler family is growing.

Kevin and Sara, who met in high school, have a 2-year-old daughter, Kaleia, and they are expecting another girl in July.

Zeitler loves being a girl dad and says Kaleia is fearless.

"At the age she's at, she's just exuberant right now," Zeitler said during an interview with Glenn Clark Radio. "She's just a daredevil, she likes jumping off couches, doing everything insane at the moment."

Zeitler likes using his platform to help others.

When playing with the Giants, Zeitler was a supporter of My Sisters' Place, a non-profit organization that works to end domestic violence and human trafficking through comprehensive services and community education.

His wife says Zeitler gives 100 percent to anything he's involved with and shows compassion for others.

"His parents instilled values in him that you don't do things halfway – you do things all the way," Sara said via "It's not just make himself better at football, it's make himself better at home, being a great husband, being a great dad, he fully dedicates himself to everything he does. Growing up, he was bullied a bit, and I just think that set him on a path to prove everybody wrong and succeed in all aspects of life from football to relationships and everything. I think he thinks that, if he's not always giving 100 percent, then he's failing."

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