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Funny Pages: A Random Smattering of Ravens/Steelers Things






Hey! It's Steelers Week! 

It wasn't easy to watch last week's game. It was a rough one. It's also never easy to go toe-to-toe with your biggest rival, but maybe – just maybe – this is the perfect equation for this team.

This is the NFL's equivalent of a double negative. Putting a lot of stinky plays on European tape has given the Ravens a roadmap for fixing their most critical schematic issues, and having the Steelers come to town is giving us focus and a sense of urgency. 

It's like having a bad breakup when you're 30 years old. Your body is starting to fall apart (me speaking about me) but at least you know exactly what you're looking for (or at least what you're not looking for). 

Big Ben has had lots of success in the NFL. He's won two Super Bowls, and given us headaches in the past, but there's a mean little stat that keeps getting brushed under the table: Big Ben has only won two times in Baltimore. Look it up. His career record as a starter at M&T Bank Stadium is 2-7. In fact, the most points a Ben Roethlisberger offense has ever scored in Baltimore was 20. 

I know we're a little down in the dumps, but we have work to do, and it starts by making M&T Bank Stadium a very, very familiar place for No. 7. !

(The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy / Touchstone Pictures)

I was going to do a full 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' theme this week, but then my brain reminded me that that would appeal to, like, six people. With that in mind, please enjoy this random smattering of Ravens/Steelers related things:

!(Fight Club / Twentieth Century Fox)

Have a great week, everyone!

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