Funny Pages: Happy Halloween, Muggles!


*Ben Rosen is a Senior Creative at BuzzFeed, and a huge Ravens fan in his spare time. This season, we're merging Ben's general Internet silliness with his love for the Ravens each week in "Funny Pages." Enjoy, and feel free to share his creative awesomeness on social media. *

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This is the True Detective: Season 2 of football seasons. Not to worry, Ravens faithful ... I've made you plenty of distractions this week. What's the theme, you ask? I'll let this exchange with my sister answer that:

SISTER: Your Star Wars post was way better than your last one. Do Harry Potter!

ME: Thanks? I'm probably going to do a Halloween theme. It's more relevant. 

SISTER: Do Harry Potter.

ME: It's really not that topical.

SISTER: Do Harry Potter or I'll upvote that guy who keeps saying you're a curse.

ME: !









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