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Funny Pages: Is Matt Schaub Elite?


*Ben Rosen is a Senior Creative at BuzzFeed, and a huge Ravens fan in his spare time. This season, we're merging Ben's general Internet silliness with his love for the Ravens each week in "Funny Pages." Enjoy, and feel free to share his creative awesomeness on social media.  *

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Is Matt Schaub Elite? !

I'm impressed with Matt Schaub. It's not an easy assignment to step in and fill the shoes of a Super Bowl MVP quarterback, but he's doing a really nice job. Were there mistakes? Sure. But there were also a lot of un-mistakes. As long as he tries his hardest to replace Joe, I'm going to try my hardest to treat him like Joe. Therefore, I can officially confirm that Matt Schaub is elite. He is a majestic football throwing dragon who puts fear in the hearts of his enemies. 

Consider these facts of eliteness:

  • He's made the Pro Bowl a few times. Elite.

* *He's a backup QB for the Ravens who wears No. 8. *Elite

  • He's 6'6" tall. Same as Flacco. Elite.

Super Bowl: Confirmed. 

Can We Talk About That Play?


I'm not sure what kind of childhood Brent Hero Urban had. My assumption is that he spent most of his days walking through his neighborhood, shoving trucks out of their parking spaces and swatting newspapers back at the paperboy. All I know for sure is that he was born to play for the Ravens. In just his first NFL game, Brent discovered a brand new way for the Browns to lose a football game. I didn't even know that was possible! On behalf of Ravens Nation: welcome back, Mr. Urban. You've been missed. 

CC: Will Hill. !

Mood Memes

As a fanbase, we're stuck somewhere between an optimistic rock and a pessimistic hard place. We've won three of our last four games and haven't been eliminated from playoff contention, but every starter on our team is on injured reserve and every game, for better or worse, has come down to the final drive. It's hard to explain the feeling of watching football at the moment ... so here are a few final memes that, at least in my opinion, capture the spirit of being a Ravens fan right now: !



See you next week!

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