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What a time to be alive! The Browns are 0-3, the Bengals are 1-2, and the Steelers got *thunder-punched *down to 2-1, leaving our beloved Ravens with sole possession of first place in the AFC North. I've been trying to milk this as much as possible, but there's still a lot of this "best worst team" chatter that most people are stuck on. Well, I think that phrase is the "perfect inadequate label" for our team. 

Have all of our games been close? 


Have we played opponents with losing records? 

I mean, sure... but it's not like their other games have been blowouts.

Is football even going to exist in the post-election apocalypse? 

NOPE. By the time the Ravens hit the "tough" part of their schedule, the world as we know it will be a cold, lifeless hellscape. You heard it here first: Filtered water is the currency of the future. 

My point is, nobody seems to understand that this team needs time to grow together. Everyone on this roster is either a rookie, a free agent, or a player returning from major injury. It's honestly impressive that they even know each others' names.

So I say take a breath. Be happy with our record. Purchase bottled water in bulk. 


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In the spirit of election season, here are a few topics that I still find debatable:

* Justin Tucker has "a range"You can save your little red line graphic, CBS broadcasting team. It doesn't apply to Justin Kicker.

  • What qualifies as a catch in the NFL It's 2016. How is this still such an unknown??  

* Mosley/Suggs/Jernigan could win DPOY JJ Watt is out for the year, so anything can happen! 

* Is cereal soup?What?

And now, back to our regularly scheduled memes:


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See you next week!

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