Funny Pages: Will "Penalties" Make His First Pro Bowl?


(Karl Merton Ferron / Baltimore Sun) With such a rich history of defense, the Ravens aren't used to sending offensive players to the Pro Bowl, but this year is different. We finally have our very own offensive superstar, and his name is "Penalties." 

After a sluggish start (with just 35, 29, and 58 yards), the Yellow Blur, as fans call him, has been on a historic run. In his last three games, he's racked up 105, 65  and 111 yards. Penalties' 52 flags for 403 yards is just 10 yards shy of Terrence West's team leading 414 rushing yards. 

(let's end this bit before we actually get depressed)

Obviously the penalties are something that need to be addressed, but it's good to hear from the players and coaches that it's a focal point. You can honestly look at this coin (flag?) from both sides ... on the one hand, we've had some really bad, drive-halting penalties, but without them, we'd be marching up and down the field.

You know what this team needs? A little Jets, some BYE week, and a dash of Pittsburgh at home. That will fix everything. The division lead is still within striking distance. Any other year, and we'd be buried at the bottom of the pile. Not this year! 2016 is a glorious season where you can afford a loss or three and still march right into the playoffs. Remember: anything is possible if you just believe.

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While the event seemed to go off without a hitch, there were only two photoshop-able pictures that emerged on social media. That is disgraceful! 

I did what I could, but c'mon guys ... feed the beast. !
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